Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns this summer for the final season – fr

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns this summer for the final season – fr

The hit crime series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which launched on Fox in 2013, will air its final season on NBC starting in August, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Considering that the series was once extremely close to never making it past Season 5, after Fox’s cancellation in May 2018, the series has seen an unexpected revival and rejuvenation.

The next season 8 could feature a scenario on the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-creator Dan Goor had mentioned in interviews last year that he and the show’s writing team “value[s] escape, but at the same time, we don’t want to be ignorant… there is a debate about what next year will look like. “Most likely,” says Goor, “the series will explore more subtle ways of recognizing the crisis rather than ‘working in the depths. “

Now those plans might have changed, as it was April 2020, when the pandemic was just beginning and the show’s creative team began to meet and crack new story ideas – and before. several months of social unrest involving real police brutality. Plus, most importantly, that was before it was known that Brooklyn Nine-Nine would end up ending with a new shortened and delayed season of just 10 episodes.

Despite earlier announcements by NBC that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will not be straddling the Olympics this summer – August was specifically reported by THR as a month the show won’t return – the show is currently scheduled to return in August. No specific launch date has been announced, but it is expected to air after the close of the Summer Olympics.


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