British Airways attempts game-changing 25-second Covid test – fr

British Airways attempts game-changing 25-second Covid test – fr

British Airways will be the first airline in the world to test a coronavirus test that will produce results in 25 seconds.

The transporter described the test as a “game changer.”

It will invite the flight and cabin crew to take a Pelican Covid-19 antigen test from medical technology company Canary Global.
The results will be compared to the results of their standard tests.
We believe this new super-fast test is a game-changer
British Airways chief executive Sean Doyle said the airline was “determined to explore simple and affordable testing solutions to help our customers travel again”.
He continued, “We believe this new super-fast test is a game-changer, so we are delighted to be working with the Canary team to begin the first tests with our flight and cabin crew, before exploring the role they play. ‘he could play as a client. test option. “
The airline said the test correctly identified 98% of people with Covid-19 and 100% of those who did not.
He added that it has been “recently approved for use in Europe and the UK”, and is being evaluated in the US.
Users apply a sample of their saliva to a disposable sensor unit, which is shaken and inserted into a digital reader connected to a Bluetooth enabled device such as a smartphone.
The test result is available on an app within 25 seconds.
The ban on international pleasure travel for people in England will be lifted on Monday.
Returning travelers must take a coronavirus test within three days of leaving for the UK, and one or two PCR tests after arrival, depending on how the country they visited is classified in the new traffic light system.
There are concerns that the testing requirements will deter many people from going on vacation this summer.
We developed the test with the travel industry in mind, where speed, accuracy and ease of use are paramount.
PCR test results are normally not provided until the next day as samples need to be analyzed by a laboratory.


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