Britain’s First Response to COVID-19 Was ‘Disaster’ – fr

Britain’s First Response to COVID-19 Was ‘Disaster’ – fr

Dominic Cummings, former chief adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, reportedly said on Saturday in a series of tweets deleted since Saturday that the UK government’s rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic was a “disaster”.
“If we had had the right preparations + the right people in charge, we probably would have avoided lockdown1, * certainly * no need for lockouts 2 and 3,” Cummings wrote on Twitter, Reuters reports.

His account has since been withdrawn.

Although the UK has vaccinated a large portion of its population, it has the highest number of COVID-19-related deaths in Europe, has suffered three lockdowns and is experiencing an economic crisis, Reuters notes.

“Since the plan was AWOL / disaster + terrible decisions delayed everything, lockdown1 became necessary,” Cummings reportedly added.

The Guardian reports that Cummings claimed the UK government initially adopted collective immunity as the official plan to deal with the pandemic in its early stages.

“In the week of 9/3, No10 was told by various people that the official plan would lead to disaster. It was later replaced by Plan B. But how ‘Sep herd immunity’ has been the plan until this week is a fundamental question in the whole disaster, ”Cummings reportedly wrote.

A Downing Street spokesperson told The Guardian that “collective immunity has never been a political goal or part of our coronavirus strategy. Our response has always been focused on saving lives and ensuring that the NHS is not overwhelmed. We continue to be guided by the latest scientific advice. ”

Cummings’ pointed remarks come just days before he appeared before the Health and Social Care Committee as well as the Science and Technology Committee of the Lower House of the British Parliament.

Cummings played a key role in the UK’s exit from the European Union, Reuters notes, and had been a critical part of Johnson’s successful election campaign in 2019. However, Cummings left Johnson’s administration in November. last year, apparently following the resignation of Lee Cain, a close ally of him and Johnson’s former communications director.


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