Brexit news: Macron warns France will not accept EU ‘weakness’ as he turns against Boris | Politics

Brexit news: Macron warns France will not accept EU ‘weakness’ as he turns against Boris | Politics

In a fit of anger, the French president accused Downing Street of rowing on his signed deal with Brussels. He said: “We have reaffirmed our clear and simple wish to simply see the test and the spirit of the agreement applied. Applied completely and in good faith. “The situation we find ourselves in vis-à-vis our fishermen, with regard to respect for our common market, and with regard to the Irish border – is today the subject of unilateral action by of the British, who do not respect the agreements.

Mr Macron’s remarks come after EU leaders discussed the Union’s future relations with the UK for the first time since the trade pact was signed last December.
They agreed that Downing Street would have little leeway in the Northern Ireland border feud despite warnings that the EU’s tough stance could spark war in the region.

Instead, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen blamed the Prime Minister’s pursuit of a hard Brexit for the recent wave of uncertainty in the province.

The two sides are in talks to ease tensions in Northern Ireland after a recent wave of riots rocked the region.

Brexit Minister Lord Frost called for the protocol, designed to avoid a hard border, to be implemented in a balanced way.
He warned that the trade deals, which include customs controls between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, were undermining the peace deal.

Downing Street has urged Brussels to be pragmatic, but insiders fear the bureaucratic nature of the bloc if they prevent a compromise.

But EU leaders have ignored calls for the Northern Ireland protocol to be watered down.

Mr Macron added: “We will not accept any weakness under any circumstances.

“We reiterated very clearly our desire to see the British accept what they signed, simply recalling that if these situations are difficult to manage, it is precisely because of Brexit and in no way because of the EU.

The boss of Brussels, Mrs von der Leyen, had a similar message this morning.

She said: “There should be no doubt that there is no alternative to the full and correct implementation of the protocol.

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The EU’s remarks sparked a furious reaction from Downing Street officials, who accused Brussels of risking future outbreaks of violence in Northern Ireland.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: ‘The protocol relies on the support of all communities in Northern Ireland, so it is disappointing that the Commission President has not recognized the impact more than the functioning. current Protocol a in Northern Ireland.

“While the EU prioritizes the protection of the single market and treats the regulatory border as if it were like any other external border of the EU, our aim remains to protect the Belfast agreement (Good Friday ) in all its dimensions.

“We are committed to working constructively with them to find solutions that protect the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday) in all its dimensions. However, for this to happen, the EU must use common sense and take a pragmatic and risk-based approach to the challenges that remain.

“The EU has a responsibility to work with us to address the important challenges that the Protocol poses for businesses and citizens.

“The EU treats the regulatory border in the Irish Sea as if it were like any other EU external border, with all the controls and processes that go with it.

“The EU must honor these commitments and show common sense and pragmatism in the negotiations.”


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