Brexit news: Anger as UK forced to delay transition from EU branding to UK system | UK

Brexit news: Anger as UK forced to delay transition from EU branding to UK system | UK

The UK is currently leading the laborious task of swapping the EU-based CE markings with the UK-based post-Brexit UKCA mark. The task of changing markings involves re-testing thousands of building products and could cost as much as £ 50,000 per test. The EU version has certified construction products in the UK for almost 40 years.

These building products include many of the most widely used materials including steel, glass and siding.
The UK government has admitted it may have to delay the transition period to put in place new post-Brexit UK building certification rules.

Representatives from the Department of Housing are now considering removing the January 1, 2022 deadline for the implementation of the new UKCA marking.

It was originally planned that UKCA markings would be introduced from 2022 on most construction products.

The participant in the virtual meeting said the UK government was fully aware of the industry’s fears about the impending deadline.
One contractor, speaking to Building Design last week, said: “The lack of clarity and clear direction means we can’t really plan for mitigation actions effectively.

“We are also struggling to estimate the impact on the planning and delivery of the project. “

The UK Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has said it wants to align the removal of the CE mark from UK law with the introduction of the new Safe Buildings Bill.

However, this bill is not expected to come into force until after 2023.

The MHCLG has called on UK businesses to “continue to prepare for the end of CE mark recognition in Britain”.

Richard Waterhouse, spokesperson for the product specification body, NBS, told Building Design: “You have to ask yourself if an analysis has been done on the volume of testing required and the capacity and capacity of organizations to. test to do so.


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