Box Office – Deadline – fr

Box Office – Deadline – fr

SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Refresh for more analysis and graph At a time when the box office seemed to be making headway, especially with # 2 channel Regal reopening more theaters, it was a more difficult weekend.
Lionsgate R-rated Spiral: From the Book of Saw starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson came in under the $ 10-15 million that many were hoping for with 8,7 M $, this despite the fact that it is the 6th opening n ° 1 for Seen movie. New Line / Bron / HBO Max Angelina Jolie western Those who wish me death was not an event film like many of the titles on his CV opening up to 2,8 M $. The studio has focused more on this film when it comes to driving more people to service than theaters, unlike their recent opening weekend success, Godzilla vs. Kong (31,6 M $) et New Line Mortal combat (23,3 M $). Le film de zombies Zack Snyder de Netflix Army of the dead, which has an exclusive 7-day theatrical window, was not Demon slayer, falling under the industry’s projection of $ 1.5-2 million (based on presales) with 780 K $ as I am told now, there are actually 430 theaters (not 600).

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Note many new movies such as Spiral and spinoffs like United Artist Releasing / Miramax / MGM’s Anger of man (3,7 M $ the weekend 2, -55% for a 14,6 M $ cume) are not four-quadruple titles, but rather focused demo features. If you remember going back last August, before PrincipeIntending to reboot the box office, there were a few targeted demo movies leading up to this movie’s release, namely Solstice Studios. Imbalance and Disney / 20th New mutants. These films were to lubricate the wheels before opening a tent pole. It’s true, this great soundtrack debut has never happened since Principe because of the closure of New York and Los Angeles at the time. Anyway, what we have now is an appetizer buffet to kick off the summer, Paramount Memorial Day weekend. A Quiet Place, Part II and Cruella. Lionsgate had to leave early with Spiral before A Quiet Place, Part II absorbs all the gender action in the market.

Netflix does not report box office numbers and protects them from rival Comscore studios. By all unofficial documents, Army of the dead is the biggest theatrical opening of a Netflix movie. Winner of multiple Oscars from the streamer Roma released roughly $ 200,000 over the 5 days of Thanksgiving 2018. But remember, the streamer’s mo is not about setting box office records, but rather attracting subscribers to his service.

Good that Army of the dead boasts of an average per theater of $ 1.8K, I’m told it’s really not that impressive. What do you mean? Looking at the numbers, I only hear 35 theaters over $ 3,000; compare this to Sprial which saw 800 theaters win over $ 3,000.

A majority of Army of the deadThe theaters tally comes from Cinemark, the third exhibitor, which has struck a deal with Netflix to play its films during the pandemic. Cinemark boss Mark Zoradi was thrilled with his deal with the streamer, as reported at a recent MoffettNathanson Media & Communications summit. It’s interesting to see the change in tone from the big show on reading severely truncated theatrical windows, and only shows how desperate they must be right now. The idea there is that Cinemark receives, natch, an edge from Netflix either in terms of four-wall bookings.

Army of the dead was received by critics with a warm 74% positive and an excellent 83% positive from the Comscore / Screen Engine PostTrak audience. It’s great, but one wonders if an opportunity was missed here by not giving this film a much longer theatrical window. Netflix craves franchises, and before Army of the dead even hit the service, they’ve already greenlit a number of spinoffs associated with IP. Franchises are created by creating high-end experiences in a theatrical way. When you make a movie available simultaneously at home and in the theater, or on an extremely shortened window, the movie has less value. Netflix should think about the following: What if the streamer really turns up Army of the dead in a big theatrical event, then dropped it on the service 30-45 days later. Would you like to see a bigger follower spike from those who lost seeing Army of the dead the first time?


On the rise, SpiralThe expected opening is greater than Anger of manThe $ 8.3M opening weekend, so it’s a sign there’s a pulse at the national BO At the same time SpiralThis underperformance is attributed to many factors, that is, everything is finally reopening, especially here in California, as the pandemic subsides. People are distracted by balls and end-of-year activities. It’s not that the cinema faces stiff competition as we move up. But people will only take time for those movies they think they can’t miss.

Add to that the fact that the national exhibition infrastructure is not completely on fire, with just 66% of all US / Canadian 5.88K theaters open, with white North provinces like the Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba still under lockdown. . Canada, which typically accounts for 7-10% of the weekend box office, only gets 2% this weekend.

Take this into account Spiral is not a four-quadruple movie, and is a complete reimagining of the Seen films as we know them. The answer to this? B- CinemaScore, 40% on Rotten Tomatoes and very low Comscore / Screen Engine PostTrak audience reaction of 63% in the first two boxes, with a recommendation of 43%. Spiral attracted 56% men, 58% over 25 but only 25% over 35. The displays of diversity were 35% Caucasian, 28% Black, 26% Hispanic, and 11% Asian / Other. Spiral played better on the east coast.

Fourth place belongs to Funimation / Aniplex’s Demon slayer which is reserved in 1930 cinemas (-170) on weekend 4, or $ 513K (-41%), $ 796K on Saturday for a weekend of 1,77 M $ (-36%) for a cumulative total of $ 41.9 million.

Fifth place goes to Disney Raya and the last dragon who posted weekend 11 395 000 $ Friday, -6% from a week ago, $ 760K on Saturday (+ 92%) and a weekend of 1,718 M $, -11% for a cumulative total of 46,1 M $.

‘Find you’
Courtesy of Roadside Attractions / Anthony Courtney

[Updating] Notable titles with limited openings include Roadside Attractions’ YA movie Find you, who reported an estimate 323 K $ on Friday in 1314 cinemas and 3 days of 954 000 $. The track directed and written by Brian Baugh follows Finley, a talented aspiring violinist, who meets Beckett, a famous young movie star, on the way to his semester abroad program in a small coastal village of Ireland. An unexpected romance emerges, as idol Beckett leads a tense Finley into an adventurous awakening, and she encourages him to take charge of her future, until the pressures of her stardom kick in.

RT’s critics score was 69% fresh, with a 71% positive audience response and 46% recommending PostTrak. Women were the most active ticket buyers here at 62%, with 81% over 25 and 53% over 35 for this PG movie.

The diversity displays were 70% Caucasian, 14% Hispanic, 6% Black, and 10% Asian / Other. The greatest number of games here have come from the Midwest and the South. $ 693 gross per theater here.

Focus features

Focus Features’ cover of Timur Bekmambetov’s thriller Profile grossed $ 260,000 in 2,033 theaters on Friday and Saturday for a weekend of 670 000 $, for an average of $ 330 per theater. Profile follows an undercover British journalist who infiltrates the online propaganda channels of the so-called Islamic State, before being sucked in by her recruiter. The photo earned a B CinemaScore, with PostTrak outputs below 65% positive and a recommendation of 37%. Critics weren’t won over at 59% rotten. The makeup of the audience was 54% guys, 79% over 25 and 40% over 35. The diversity mix was 53% Caucasian, 21% Hispanic, 17% Black, and 9% Asian / Other. The most important markets were the west and the southwest.

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