Bobby Lashley Ruins No.1 Contender Bout between Kingston and McIntyre, rematch announced for 5/31 RAW –

Bobby Lashley Ruins No.1 Contender Bout between Kingston and McIntyre, rematch announced for 5/31 RAW – fr

With Kofi Kingston’s untitled victory over WWE Champion Bobby Lashley last week, he has reinserted himself into the title image that has been dominated by “The All Mighty” and Bobby Lashley in recent months.

This week on WWE RAW, Kingston faced off against “The Scottish Warrior” when he tried to fight his way into another WWE Championship match. He explained why he should be the one to challenge Lashley; after all, he pinned the champ, someone McIntyre hasn’t been able to do recently. Here, Adam Pearce booked a match between the two contenders, and he said the winner would earn the right to face Lashley at WWE Hell in a Cell.

The match itself showcased the shock of McIntyre’s remarkable power and Kingston’s renowned athleticism. “The Scottish Warrior” took over and anchored the high-flying star. Kingston continued to rally and use his acrobatic attack to counter “The Sexy Scotsman”. The two contestants trade spit attempts and Kingston has consistently refused to give up no matter what McIntyre throws at him.

Later in the fight, Kingston dove on the outside and sent McIntyre crashing into Lashley and MVP, who were sitting ringside. The collision prompted Lashley to storm the ring and attack his challengers, ending the match in a no contest. Kingston and McIntyre then teamed up on Lashley by hitting him with their two finishers.

Later on the show, Pearce announced that McIntyre will face Kingston again next week to determine Lashley’s next challenger.

In another update, Pearce informed Lashley that he would be suspended for 90 days without pay if he intervened in the game next week; he will suffer the same penalty if MVP gets involved in the rematch between McIntyre and Kingston.

WrestleZone will provide more details on the WWE Championship image as they become available.

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