BLM activist Sasha Johnson shot dead by men entering party, London police say as supporters demand accountability –

BLM activist Sasha Johnson shot dead by men entering party, London police say as supporters demand accountability – fr

The 27-year-old mother of three has been in critical condition in hospital since being shot in the head at a party in south London on Sunday.

“At around 3 a.m. local time on Sunday morning, a group of four black men dressed in dark colored clothing entered the garden of the property and discharged a gun,” the police commander said on Tuesday. Metropolitan of London, Alison Heydari, in a statement.

Heydari said police were not aware of any threats against Johnson prior to the incident.

“We are aware of Sasha’s involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK and I understand the concern this will cause some communities – but I want to point out that at this time there is nothing to suggest that Sasha was the victim of a stroke, ”she said.

Johnson’s political party, the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP), questioned the police account, saying in a Monday statement that “the irony lies in the fact that the police said he did not there was no clear evidence that Sasha was the target of the attack. , and that no credible death threat has been made against him; however, how did the police come to this conclusion without being able to speak with Sasha about the death threats and investigate? “

“Do the police know who the target of the attack was, in order to conclude that Sasha was not?” The party added. TTIP first said on Sunday that the attack took place “following numerous death threats resulting from his activism.”

TTIP – a political movement that seeks to reform government by putting forward candidates representing a diversity of communities for public office – has also said that since the attack it has been the subject of a barrage of racist and hate abuse .

“We have received emails and social media messages celebrating Sasha’s attack, messages wishing her dead, calling her a racist and wishing the shooter the best of luck next time for not killing her, and so on. TTIP said on Monday.

“We need to highlight the problem here in the narrative and the corruption of the system, whereby an individual is shot in the head while continuing to be abused and even blamed for being the victim of a targeted hate crime. “, he added.

Charles Gordon, one of the founding members of the group, said while the full details of what happened on Sunday are still unclear, “we know that an attack on one is an attack on all.” .

‘A powerful voice’

Johnson, a member of the TTIP executive board, rose to prominence last year after helping organize a series of protests against institutional racism in the UK following the murder of George Floyd.

During a protest organized by Johnson in Hyde Park in London last August, she said: “We are only looking at one incident. We look at the systemic structure… We don’t dissociate ourselves from it (racism). Tell us yes, it’s here – and we need to fix it. ”

Johnson’s radical politics and confrontational style have been seen as controversial by some: she wrote about the launch of a new Black Panther Party in the UK, with her fashion choices reflecting the 1960s style, signature of the original movement.

But her friend and fellow activist Chantelle Lunt, who said she has also received numerous death threats for her work as a black rights activist, says Johnson has been misrepresented by the far right.

“What I saw was someone who was so upset by what was happening to their community and was so determined to fight back. Lunt said, adding that Johnson was a unifying and empowering force.

“She literally lived and breathed black liberation,” Lunt said. Johnson is also known for her charitable contributions which strive to deliver food and groceries to families in need.

In March, Johnson accused authorities of targeting and harassing her and several other black activists by forcing them to cancel their planned participation in a protest against a bill to increase police powers. The day after the statement was released, Johnson recorded video showing the rear window of his car smashed by unknown assailants.

“Obviously I have to film this because it is life threatening,” she said in a video posted to her personal Instagram account. “This is what happens, when as a black woman, when you come to the surface and start speaking out against the oppressors,” she said.

Campaigners slam UK government report on racial disparities as 'money laundering'

Johnson supporters and his fellow activists held a vigil on Monday night outside Kings’ College Hospital in south London, where Johnson is being treated.

“Every time she grabbed the microphone, she’s been telling the truth,” one supporter told the group. “We have to make enough noise so that she can wake up,” the supporter added, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Leo Muhammad, a friend of Johnson’s, attended the vigil and called her “a warrior, a young sister who has been placed at the forefront of the struggle for justice in the UK”.

He added that although the facts of the shooting are still being established, “if he was targeted or [whether] she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, the point is, nobody is spraying bullets in white communities, but it happens regularly in the black community. We should be very concerned about this kind of activity. “

“No justice, no peace,” chanted the crowd.


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