Bill Maher admits vaccine ‘probably’ helped eliminate COVID –

Bill Maher admits vaccine ‘probably’ helped eliminate COVID – fr

OBill Maher took to the stage of his HBO show on Friday night Real time to prolonged applause. Two weeks ago, Maher was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was therefore forced to cancel his last two shows due to safety protocols.
“First of all, I’m sorry I missed the last two weeks. I didn’t mean to — you heard that, they said I had COVID. It’s, you know, it’s like when you go to the Jiffy Lube and they show you the air filter and you say, “OK, you’re the expert,” Maher said. “Thank you for all the best wishes for recovery; I can’t oblige you, I’ve never been sick. I didn’t feel anything, but OK. I got the vaccine, that’s another rumor, no, I got it.

Yes, last week Maher apologized online for missing a second show, tweeter that he was fine and that he had no symptoms from the vaccine: “I’m sorry to all of our fans and my bosses (whoever they are this week – man, HBO is more traded than Bartolo Colon) that we are going miss another show tonight. I assure and thank all supporters that I have never been sick and feel good (definitely hit it) and will be back next week.

The comic awkwardly credited the vaccine for its rapid recovery from COVID-19 on his show.

“Did that help? Probably? I do not know. We do not know. Probably yes. I do not know. You know, most of the people who have [the vaccine] never been very sick. Less than four percent went to the hospital, I know the media don’t like to talk about it! Is it something to respect? Obviously, yes, ”Maher suggested. “So, good. The point is, I got it! And now in America we’re like bribing people to get vaccinated. ”

He added: “The other stupid thing [is] people said, “How could you have tested positive if you had been vaccinated? ” It happens! They never said it was one hundred percent effective.

The vaccines have been shown to be remarkably effective. According to the CDC, as of April 30 of this year, 101 million people in the United States had been vaccinated; of these, only 10,262 people had contracted COVID-19 after being vaccinated (0.01%).


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