Bill Gates faces close scrutiny over relationship with Microsoft employee and Epstein ties – fr

Bill Gates faces close scrutiny over relationship with Microsoft employee and Epstein ties – fr

Representatives for Bill Gates on Sunday rebuffed claims he left the Microsoft board due to a previous sexual relationship and against two other reports detailing more extensive ties to Jeffrey Epstein than previously reported. .
Driving the news: Microsoft said in an email to Axios that it “received a concern” in 2019 that its co-founder “sought to establish an intimate relationship with a company employee in 2000,” but denied a Wall Street report. Journal according to which members of his board of directors thought Gates should resign on this matter.

  • “A board committee has examined the concern, assisted by an outside law firm, to conduct a full investigation,” the statement said. Notably, Microsoft declined to say what the investigation’s findings revealed.
  • “Throughout the investigation, Microsoft provided significant support to the employee who raised the issue,” the statement added.
  • The New York Times reports that Melinda Gates expressed concern about her relationship with convicted sex offender Epstein and other questionable behavior long before they announced their divorce.
  • This included his “handling of an undisclosed sexual harassment complaint against his longtime financial manager” in 2018, according to the Times.
  • The Daily Beast reports that Epstein advised Gates on how to end his “toxic” marriage because he used the late disgraced financier’s $ 77 million townhouse in New York as an escape.

To note: Sources close to Gates said he had personal conversations with Epstein at meetings about philanthropy – whether about his marriage or otherwise – “just plain wrong.”

What they say: A spokesperson for Gates reiterated his statement to the NYT that it is “extremely disappointing that there have been so many untruths published about the cause, circumstances and timing of Bill Gates’ divorce.”

  • He called The Times’ characterization of his encounters with Epstein and others “inaccurate.”
  • A spokesperson for Gates said any claim that he “spoke derogatoryly about his marriage or Melinda is false,” the statement continued.

“The claim of employee mistreatment is also false. Rumors and speculation surrounding Gates’ divorce are becoming more and more absurd and it is unfortunate that people with little or no knowledge of the situation are being labeled “sources”. “


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