Bill Barnwell creates trades by sending Aaron Rodgers to Broncos, Raiders – fr

Bill Barnwell creates trades by sending Aaron Rodgers to Broncos, Raiders – fr

In one ESPN Article published Tuesday, Bill Barnwell lists seven teams that could potentially trade for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. And two of the deals he considers the most likely – which the Denver Broncos or Las Vegas Raiders will trade for the reigning MVP – would be of interest to Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Barnwell ranked the Broncos number one with this pretty complicated trade:

Packers get: CB Patrick Surtain II, WR Tim Patrick, QB Drew Lock, 2022 first round pick, 2023 first round pick
The Broncos get: Rodgers, CB Eric Stokes

Then he ranked the Raiders sixth with this offer:

Packers get: QB Derek Carr, 2022 first round pick, 2022 second round pick, 2023 first round pick
Raiders get: Rodgers, 2023 fourth-round pick

In a lengthy introduction, Barnwell first acknowledges that the Packers keep saying they have no plans to trade their 37-year-old quarterback. He then puts his roster together by first eliminating NFC North teams, others who don’t need Rodgers – a roster that includes the Chiefs – or who lack business capital that would interest Green Bay or the space. salary cap to absorb the existing Rodgers contract. Next, he considers the trades the Packers might consider based on two different scenarios: They think their current replacement, Jordan Love, will be ready to start in 2021 – or he won’t.

Rodgers at the Broncos

The proposed trade with Denver assumes Love will be ready, dropping Lock to become the Packers’ replacement – or the starter if Love doesn’t turn out to be ready after all – with the Alabama cornerback they acquired with the. ninth pick in the NFL. Draft, a wide receiver who quietly had a good season last year for the largely needy Packers… and two first-round picks. The Packers are abandoning Rodgers and their own corner corner they just acquired, which they selected with the 29th pick.

Rodgers to the Raiders

But the simpler deal with the Raiders assumes the Packers believe Love will. do not be ready to start in 2021. Barnwell sees Carr as a short-term placeholder that will start until Love is ready to go; the real value comes from the two first-round picks (and one second-round pick) the Packers would get for Rodgers and a fourth-round pick two years from now.

Other possibilities

Both of these trades on offer – along with others to teams like the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins and Washington football team – are interesting. The Broncos’ one matches the weekend’s speculation that Denver drafted Surtain specifically so they could trade him to Green Bay. Barnwell also notes that Raiders head coach Jon Gruden once called not drafting Rodgers one of his big regrets – and that Las Vegas is quite close to Los Angeles, where Rodgers’ fiancee Shailene Woodley and “Jeopardy! Are based.

But I guess for Chiefs fans, those trades sound like behavior we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from two AFC West rivals: in the case of the Broncos, acquiring an aging superstar after being unable to find good quarterbacks in the draft – and in the case of the Raiders … well … just do Raider things.


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