Biden to Discuss Expected FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaccine for Young Adolescents – Live

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US drug maker Pfizer plans to make $ 26 billion (£ 19 billion) in revenue from sales of its Covid-19 vaccine this year, with its soaraway product accounting for over a third of the company’s annual revenue.
The vaccine, which was developed with German company BioNTech, generated $ 3.5 billion in global revenue at Pfizer in the first three months of the year, and the company expected it to bring in $ 15 billion. billion dollars in 2021.

Now the jab, priced at $ 39 for two doses in the US and around $ 30 in the EU, will generate 73% more than expected. The company said the proceeds from the coup would increase profits.

The new prediction is based on contracts signed until mid-April, for the delivery of 1.6 billion doses worldwide this year. Pfizer is already supplying the US, UK, EU, Japan and Israel, among other markets, and is reportedly close to signing a contract with Brazil for 100 million doses. He also has deals with Canada and Israel to provide the jab beyond this year.

The New York-based company expects to make revenues of between $ 70.5 billion and £ 72.5 billion this year, with the coronavirus hit accounting for $ 26 billion of that sum. Adjusted earnings per share are expected to be between $ 3.55 and $ 3.65. Previously, he projected total annual revenues of up to $ 61.4 billion and adjusted earnings per share of $ 3.10 to $ 3.20.


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