Biden desperately ‘begged’ for talks with Putin –

Biden desperately ‘begged’ for talks with Putin – fr

Russian state media have grown furious as the summit between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin approaches next month.
Evgeny Popov, host of the Russian state television show 60 minutes, baselessly claimed that President Biden was only finally able to secure a meeting with Putin after he “begged” for it. “They certainly celebrate this in the White House,” Popov said. His wife and co-host, Olga Skabeeva, said: “The whole world wants to meet Putin, but absolutely everyone is afraid to do it because they know Putin will dominate. Trump was afraid of it – and we all remember how it ended for Trump.

The Kremlin was more moderate in its public statements. Speaking on a conference call with reporters, Russian Presidency spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “I caution against exaggerating expectations regarding the outcome of the meeting, but rather on the assumption that the The event is very important in practical terms. “

The Geneva summit will follow Biden’s visit to Britain for a Group of Seven meeting and a NATO summit in Brussels. The timing has gone wrong, experts on Russian state television.

“I am deeply disappointed,” complained Andrey Sidorov, vice-dean of world policy at Moscow State University, appearing in the segment of the Russian public television show on Wednesday. The evening with Vladimir Soloviev. Sidorov lamented Biden’s program, where the summit with Putin is just one of the multiple stages of his European program. “Biden should have come to Europe only for this summit [with Putin], not just as part of his European tour, ”said Sidorov.

Russian state media describe the Biden administration’s controversial decision to lift some of the sanctions on the Russia-Germany gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2, as another example of America bowing to Russia. “Americans are crawling away,” Skabeeva assumed. “We forced Biden to respect us,” said Alexei Naumov of Russia’s International Affairs Council. “Biden is afraid that Russia will break its teeth,” said host Evgeny Popov, referring to threatening statements made by Putin last week.

TV host Vladimir Soloviev completely downplayed the importance of the summit, citing previous disappointments after Putin’s meetings with former President Donald Trump. “Talks with US presidents are not bringing any results,” Soloviev said. he can do. “

The summit’s agenda is expected to include strategic stability, arms control, the situation in Ukraine and the forced hijacking of a Ryanair flight by Russia’s close ally Belarus to arrest a dissident journalist . Russian pundits and pundits were furious that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko had managed to hijack the agenda with the shocking mid-air withdrawal. Nonetheless, they expressed relief at Biden’s reluctance to blame the Kremlin for his possible involvement and envied Lukashenko for his determination.

« These goats will always be our enemies!«

Russian lawmaker Aleksei Zhuravlyov.

Experts on Russian state television described opposition activists as “cockroaches in our kitchen” and openly wished the Russian government to do more to trap them, in Europe and elsewhere. During his nightly broadcast, Soloviev said that if he did not suggest that the Russian government emulate Lukashenko’s tactics, steps could be taken to apprehend and criminally prosecute opposition activists, regardless of their location. residence.

“Don’t underestimate these cockroaches,” political scientist Sergey Mikheev said, urging authorities to be more proactive in apprehending members of the opposition. Aleksey Chesnakov, director of the Institute for Current Politics, added: “Their geolocations are readily available.”

“You cannot give in to the West, even in small things,” Sidorov argued. “If there are cockroaches in your kitchen, you poison them.” He concluded that Russia should fear no repercussions and prepare for the inevitable sanctions from the West: “Like Belarus, Russia has nothing to lose.”

Putin’s rhetoric is in line with the aggressive rampage of Russian state media. In a live televised meeting last Thursday, Putin complained: “Everyone wants to bite us or bite us. But they must know that we will blow their teeth out so that they cannot bite at all. And the way to guarantee this is the development of our armed forces. “

Pro-Kremlin propagandists on state television quickly clarified that Putin’s message was intended for Washington and discussed a baseless conspiracy theory that the United States and its allies have plotted for decades to steal Siberia. to Russia. Earlier last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also made waves by claiming that the Arctic region belongs to Russia, when he described it as “our territory, our land”. Lavrov added: “When NATO tries to justify its advancement in the Arctic, that’s another story.”

Russia comes to the top positioning itself as a power to be reckoned with, while the Kremlin-controlled media scoffs at the meeting’s topics proposed by the American side, speculating that Putin would come up with his own agenda. Soloviev, who often boasts of a close relationship with the Russian president, said Putin is going to the summit only to disillusion Biden of his “great illusions.” Soloviev said: “We have to be tough. The time for gentleness is over. Strategic stability does not exist. “

Appearing on the State TV Show 60 minutes Last Thursday, to discuss Russia’s relations with America, lawmaker Aleksei Zhuravlyov said there was not a single issue on which Russia should cooperate with America. Discussing the upcoming summit, Zhuravlyov said: “We have nothing to hope for. No reason for us to be at this summit… Biden comes to tell us how he will allow us to finish the Nord Stream 2. Get the hell out of here! We will allow ourselves to do so. They can’t do anything to us. We have the best guns in the world. “

Fueling the ubiquitous anti-American attitude that is sold to the Russian public by the Kremlin-controlled media, the lawmaker exclaimed angrily: “These goats will always be our enemies! “


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