Biden and Putin to meet in mid-June at a tense summit –

Biden and Putin to meet in mid-June at a tense summit – fr

“There is a new president in the White House now, and you can negotiate with him,” Gorbachev said, according to the Interfax news agency. “The previous team proved to be unreliable.”

Unlike his predecessors, Biden makes no effort to attempt a “reset” in relations with Moscow, arguing that the best that can be hoped for is predictability and stability. But the U.S. summit agenda, say people familiar with the planning, will center on the same issues Mr. Biden raised recently with Mr. Putin when he called him to tell him that the United States were preparing a new round of financial sanctions against the country.

This list includes the prosecution and imprisonment of Aleksei A. Navalny, the leader of the opposition, Mr. Putin’s intelligence services attempted to kill with a nerve agent. And Mr Biden plans to spend a lot of time on cybersecurity in hopes of stemming the rising tide of cyberattacks directed against the United States.

Such attacks have harassed Mr. Biden since December, with the disclosure of SolarWinds, a sophisticated hack into network management software used by most of the largest companies in the United States and by a range of government agencies and companies. ‘defense contractors.

Mr Biden has promised a full investigation and a proportionate response, although it is not clear whether these moves – which his aides say are “visible and invisible” – are enough to deter low-cost attacks.

Two weeks ago, Mr Biden said he would discuss with Mr Putin the most recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, which cut off nearly half of the East Coast’s gas, diesel and jet fuel supply. . The attack was the work of a criminal group, the Biden administration said, but Mr. Biden accused Russia of harboring ransomware criminals.

The summit will come at the end of Mr. Biden’s first international trip as president, to Europe, where he will meet with the Group of 7 Allies – a group that the Russians had been a part of for several years when integration with the West appeared. possible – and NATO allies.


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