Bennett criticizes John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Bella Hadid on criticism of Israel – fr

Bennett criticizes John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Bella Hadid on criticism of Israel – fr

Yamina chief Naftali Bennett on Thursday addressed the criticisms against Israel from iconic pop culture figures Bella Hadid, Trevor Noah and John Oliver in a YouTube video.Oliver, Noah and Hadid were among the many celebrities in recent days harshly criticizing Israel for its conduct in Gaza during Operation Guardian of the Walls. Much of this criticism stemmed from the idea that there is a significant disparity in the death toll, with Hamas taking many more casualties than Israel, in part because of the Iron Dome defense system. But Bennett sought to set the record straight for what he sarcastically called “the ‘great philosophers’ of our time.”

In the video, Bennett, a former defense minister, gave many examples of important Gaza facilities such as the Shifa hospital and the Ayyobiya boys’ school, which are also Hamas facilities used to help plan. attacks against Israel or stockpile weapons.

He also gave the example of the al-Jalaa building, where several media outlets like Al Jazeera and Associated Press had offices. But, as he explained, it also housed a Hamas military intelligence base.

“So Bella, John and Noah help me here,” he said. “If a terrorist organization like Hamas called for the murder of your families and launched thousands of missiles at your children while they were hiding in hospitals, schools and media offices, what would you do? “

Israel, Bennett explained, has two options. Do nothing and die, or respond.

“I don’t know about all of you, but we’re going to pick number two,” Bennett explained.

If celebrities like Noah, Oliver and Hadid want to help end this war, then they should use their platforms to call on Hamas to stop hiding behind innocent civilians, he said.

“Perhaps you should ask Hamas operator Fathi Hamad to stop bragging that ‘Palestinian women and children make the best human shields’,” he continued, adding that ” Yes, that’s exactly what he said ”.

He concluded his short video by saying that Israel, just like them, just wants to live in peace with its neighbors, “but what we won’t do is kill ourselves so you can do your sneaky comedy pieces.” . “

Bennett’s remarks follow further responses to comments from Hadid, Oliver and Noah.

On May 16, Israel’s Twitter account responded to Hadid, who, along with her sister Gigi Hadid, had shared several pro-Palestinian posts on social media, many of which were controversial.

“When celebrities like @BellaHadid advocate throwing Jews overboard, they are advocating for the elimination of the Jewish state,” Israel’s Twitter account wrote.

“It shouldn’t be an Israeli-Palestinian issue. It should be a human question. Shame on you. “

Noah, on an episode of The daily show, had criticized Israel for its actions, while trying to be somewhat impartial. Ultimately, his argument focused on the disproportionality of losses and capabilities between Israel and Hamas, saying in the episode, “If you’re in a fight where the other person can’t beat you, what point should you retaliate when they try to hurt you? ” This has been criticized by the National Center for Jewish Defense Mark Goldfeder as “logically flawed and incredibly dangerous”. Le Jerusalem PostGoldfeder explained that it is unfair to blame Israel for a technological advantage or disparity in losses due to Hamas’ use of human shields, this type of methodology essentially rewarding Hamas for doing so. And anyway, Goldfeder explains, “As Noah ironically notes, Israel has the ability to completely destroy the other side, but they have shown great restraint in not doing so.

On his show Last week tonightOliver also stressed the disproportionate nature of casualty figures on both sides and accused Israel of war crimes.

“Destroying a civilian residence appears to be a war crime,” said Oliver. “It doesn’t matter if you send a courtesy text,” he added, alluding to IDF tactics of banging the roof and evacuating civilians from buildings before targeting those sites with airstrikes.

“Both sides fire rockets, but one side has one of the most advanced armies in the world,” Oliver said. “Both sides suffer heartbreaking losses, but one side suffers them exponentially… if you think Israel’s actions are justified and proportionate this week, you are welcome to try to make that argument. “

Responding to Oliver, Renana, a 10-year-old girl from Kfar Azza, a Gaza border community where rocket sirens have sounded day and night for a week and a half, recorded a video slamming the host of the show.

“Every mermaid makes me cry and feel sad,” Renana said, speaking far beyond her years. “Just so you know my army is strong. However, it does not protect me from being afraid. “

“Israel was founded to protect the Jewish nation,” she continued. “We will not be sorry for [Israel] being a strong country. ” Hannah Brown contributed to this report.


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