Ben Rothwell Slaps Chris Barnett With Rare ‘Gogo’ Strangling Submission – fr

Ben Rothwell Slaps Chris Barnett With Rare ‘Gogo’ Strangling Submission – fr

The official record will point to a guillotine choke, but Ben Rothwell knows he pulled off another of his infamous “galore” chokes to claim victory at UFC Vegas 27.

Taking on late replacement Chris Barnett on Saturday night, Rothwell looked crisp and powerful with his hands, but it was ultimately a failed pullout attempt that led the Wisconsin native to hang on to his signing submission that got him. got the tap at 2:07 within a second. round.

Whether his “galore” choke is recognized or not, Rothwell has picked up another impressive submission victory to move to 3-1 in his last four fights.

“It really was a must win,” Rothwell said of his win. “What’s the saying? Super necessary? My back was against the wall. I had to show another level in the UFC.

Although he faced a much shorter opponent, Rothwell was still wary of the returning power of Barnett, who swayed with savage power on his feet. In return, Rothwell was much more calculated with his combinations, throwing his knees down the middle and blasting Barnett with several hard uppercuts throughout the bout.

“I love uppercuts,” Rothwell said of his most effective punch in the fight. “Sorry you haven’t seen more because they kill people.” This is how I try to fight everyone. I’m going to make everyone worry about what I’m going to do.

Just when it looked like Rothwell was going to end the fight with one of those punches, Barnett made an unfortunate take-out attempt to survive, but it ultimately led to the application of the “galore” choke and the fight ending seconds later.

A mainstay of the UFC roster since 2009, Rothwell has proven he can still hang out with just about anyone in the heavyweight division by adding another win to his resume.


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