Ben Affleck started contacting Jennifer Lopez in February – fr

Ben Affleck started contacting Jennifer Lopez in February – fr

Sources with first-hand knowledge tell TMZ… Ben and J Lo were in very regular contact via email starting in early February when she flew to the Caribbean to begin filming on “Shotgun Wedding”. We are told that the tone of the emails was not only friendly… but more affectionate and nostalgic for Jen.

For example, after seeing pictures of Jennifer in the Dominican Republic, he wrote to her to tell her how beautiful she was and how much he wished he could be there with her. Of course, he was busy in Boston at the time, filming “The Tender Bar” with George Clooney – and she was still engaged at Alex Rodriguez.

Our sources say the emails also referenced J Lo’s love for Ben’s handwriting, and included a line about being able to “own his heart” with his pen.

We are told that they continued to exchange emails, back and forth, throughout the filming of J Lo… which ended at the end of April.

To our sources’ knowledge, there hasn’t been any physical contact or dating between them during this time, but the emails add context to how they apparently came together so quickly.

Remember they were together in LA – very publicly – the first weekend of May… just 2 weeks after Jen and A-Rod canceled their engagement.

People in Ben and Jennifer’s world have said that they have always maintained a friendship since their split in 2004. However, as we first told you, they were together again in Montana last weekend.

Another clue that the exes have been in close contact for a while came with the recent cover of J Lo from InStyle magazine. It included a quote from Ben gushing about his ex-fiancee, saying in part… “She’s got a great talent, but she’s also worked really hard for her success, and I’m so happy for her that she seems, ever since. long after all, to get the credit it deserves. “

This story did not include a quote from Jen’s fiancé, A-Rod.

While it looked like Bennifer II had gone from 0 to 100 in record time, emails show they were at least 55 by the time they started dating again.


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