BBC rival GB News to start broadcasting ‘within weeks’ UK

BBC rival GB News to start broadcasting ‘within weeks’ UK

According to The Telegraph, the 24-hour news network will launch on May 31. Its presenters’ films will begin from May 27, with live programming expected four days later, they say.

GB News will be broadcast on Freeview 236 as well as Sky, Virgin Media, YouView and Freesat.
Led by former BBC veteran Andrew Neil, the launch timing has yet to be decided.

A GB News spokesperson said: “The only confirmed dates relate to technical launches.

“No date has been decided for the launch of the live programming.

“This decision won’t be made for some time, maybe weeks. ”
Now that GB News will soon be on British screens, commentators have rejoiced.

Alan Sked, Emeritus Professor of International History at LSE, tweeted: “GB News will launch from the end of this month on Freeview 236, Sky and other platforms.

“It will be a 24 hour news channel. Goodbye BBC News programs!

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Another person said it was “much appreciated news”.

While others welcomed the rival to the BBC, some said Sky News would “really suffer” as a result of the new station.

They said, “He was assigned a station.

“Look forward to this new addition.

“Sky is going to really suffer. “

Another added: “I can’t wait.

“The awake s *** e broadcast by the BBC drives people to despair.

“Munchetty sniggering at Union Jack was the last straw for me. “

Someone else said, “Brilliant news. Bring them.

“More unbiased news will benefit this country immensely and will likely bring @BBCNews to their senses if they are to retain viewers. “

The broadcaster has secured an investment to hire up to 120 journalists in its attempt to change the media landscape.

Colin Brazier, the former Sky News presenter, said he joined GB News because “mainstream broadcasters were losing touch with a large part of the audience”.


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