Bar drinks order could come back as Boris plans to end table service and “one meter plus” rule on June 21 – fr

Bar drinks order could come back as Boris plans to end table service and “one meter plus” rule on June 21 – fr

ORDERing drinks from the bar could make a comeback as Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to end table service and social distancing when the lockdown ends on June 21.
There are reports ministers are discussing making changes as Britain continues on the path to release from Covid lockdowns next month.

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Ordering drinks from the bar could make a comeback next monthCredit: Getty

Nightclubs are expected to reopen in June while major events can take place.

The results of the Cabinet Office’s review of social distancing measures as the easing of the lockdown continues may be revealed this week, the Telegraph reported.

Boris Johnson reportedly told Conservative MPs that he “hoped” the “one-meter-plus” social distance rule would be dropped.

Hotel bosses want the rule repealed, saying the current restrictions are hurting their businesses.

Business Minister Paul Scully reportedly told hotel industry leaders that the government wanted to allow gamblers to order drinks at the bar rather than through table service.

A Whitehall source has reportedly said that a final decision allowing drinkers to resume ordering drinks from bars has yet to be made, but will be part of the social distancing review.

It comes as Britain has passed the 60 million jab mark, with a leading doctor saying the UK ‘looks good’ for the lockdown ending June 21.

Dr Jenny Harries, Managing Director of the UK Health Safety Agency, confirmed that “it looks good if people continue to heed all safety signs” for the final step of the roadmap.

And Dr Harries was supported by Home Secretary Priti Patel who said: ‘The data is positive regarding our situation – look at the vaccine information released today on the level of protection against variants. specific.

Britain has passed the 60 million jab milestone
Britain has passed the 60 million jab milestone

But the interior minister warned that the wearing of the mask would continue.

They are likely to be put in shops, pubs and workplaces – but will continue on trains and buses.

Ms Patel warned there would be no “green light all the way” to unlock the restrictions.

She said: “We all have to be conscientious. All of us who are on the move now, we walk away, we wear masks, we follow all the rules. “

Health Secretary Matt Hancock described yesterday as a “huge day” for the vaccination effort, with the total number of shots distributed reaching 60,587,098.

He tweeted: “This is a fantastic step in our fight against this virus.

“Thank you to everyone involved in our national effort. When you get the call, get the hit. “

He also said in a statement: ‘Our groundbreaking vaccination program – the largest and most successful in NHS history – is another great British achievement and a testament to what can be achieved when all across the country come together to defeat this virus.

“Our country has one of the highest participation rates in the world and I am delighted that so many have answered our call to arms. If you have not yet come forward and are eligible, I urge you to accept the offer – it could save your life and protect your loved ones. “

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