Awards for Bayern Munich’s 2-2 draw against Freiburg – fr

Awards for Bayern Munich’s 2-2 draw against Freiburg – fr

Bayern Munich’s game against Freiburg was a very exciting affair. Both teams entered the game with great intention and showed a lot of willingness to attack. Bayern had more chances but failed to score more goals due to a sensational performance from GK Mark Flekken and some less than satisfactory assists in the final third.

Without further ado, here are the players who stood out in today’s game:

Jersey exchange: Mark Stains

A very easy choice, despite some superb interpreters for Friborg. Flekken was in Main Neuer mode today, making at least 8 great saves, most of them at close range. The highlight of his game today was the 4 (!!) big saves he made against Lewandowski, including a double save, preventing the Pole from breaking the 40-goal mark and breaking Gerd’s record. . A very inspired performance.

The Bomber: Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski the record holder. Of course, it wasn’t Lewandowski’s steady 2-3 goal performance we’d expect, but it was a very good performance in the Polish hitman’s third striker. A penalty taken by experts took him to the top of the goalscoring table in one season, tying him to Bayern legend Gerd Müller.

Other than that, Lewandowski has been very active in the attack, helping to strengthen the game, feeding his teammates with otherworldly balls that they really should have converted, and troubling Freiburg’s defense the entire game. An exceptional game by Flekken prevented Lewandowski from having many more goals.

The god of football: Joshua Kimmich

Another very good performance from the German midfielder, who was like an expert sniper throughout the game, spraying precise bullets all over the pitch, helping with defensive tasks and performing Beckenbauer-style runs to create space for his teammates and separate the defense of Freiburg. With a passing accuracy of 92.4%, Kimmich once again showed why he is the best no in the world. 6. Bayern must make their commitment to Munich a long-term priority.

Emperor: Alexander Nübel

What a way to show the brass of Bayern its talent and its capacities! Take a bow, Alex! Manuel Neuer’s alleged heir was really good today. He made 4 superb saves and kept Bayern in the game with his timely blocks. He was also good with his ball distribution and helped with the build up from the back. The first goal could have used better positioning, but it was difficult to save since the defense let it dry, while the second from Freiburg showed the few flaws in his armor.

However, we can be pretty confident that he will improve on these attributes, and with more playtime and experience, he should get better and better. If today’s game was meant to serve as an indicator for Nübel’s future, I would say Bayern have to keep him, because it really feels like he’s destined for big things.

Honorable mention: Niklas Süle

Niklas Süle made a very solid turn and kept Bayern’s right flank closed for long stretches. His linking play with Sane was good and he pulled off an incredible block to prevent a sure-fire goal from Freiburg.

Matchmaster: Jerome Boateng

What a match for the German defender. I’m sure he showed Jogi Löw, who was sitting in the stands, what the Die Mannschaft defense lacked. With 92.9% high passing accuracy, 3 aerial duels won and 6 super tackles and blocks, Boateng was all over Bayern’s defensive side. Yes, the whole defense was caught off guard for Bayern’s first time, but if there was one defender who really deserved a prize today, it was Boateng.

It will be sad to see Boateng leave a club he gave his all for. He was reliable whenever he was called upon and his long balls created very good chances for Bayern’s attack. One thing is certain: whichever club lands him this summer, he is destined for big things.


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