Avelo sets up its first base on the east coast in New Haven – fr

Avelo sets up its first base on the east coast in New Haven – fr

Avelo Airlines is the newest airline of the United States. The airline launched operations last week, initially flying from Burbank to 11 destinations on the west coast, while offering insanely low fares. The airline has now announced its first base on the East Coast.

Avelo Airlines expands eastward in the third quarter

Avelo Airlines to set up its first East Coast base at Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN). The airline will begin operations at the airport in the third quarter of 2021, hoping to bring choice, low fares and convenience to southern Connecticut.

The airline is investing $ 1.2 million in the airport to help modernize and modernize facilities and operations. The airline will also employ more than 100 crew members at the airport by the end of the year, including pilots, flight attendants, customer support staff and technicians. More details on the operations of the Avelo base and the destinations served by Avelo at the airport will be revealed in the coming months.

Avelo’s investment is part of a $ 100 million project the airport has for a new terminal and an extension of the airport runway.

As Avelo Airlines CEO Andrew Levy describes the move:

“We are very happy to partner with HVN as we begin to develop our operations on the East Coast. Our surprisingly low fares and refreshing, smooth travel experience are sure to please residents of Southern Connecticut. Tweed New Haven has enormous potential, and our first base on the East Coast is great news for Avelo, New Haven, East Haven and other local communities. “

My take on the Avelo base in New Haven

Avelo Airlines is a super low cost airline, and we have known from the start that the airline intends to serve primarily markets that are not served by other airlines.

Avelo began its operations by establishing a base in Burbank. Los Angeles is a major market, and the Hollywood Burbank Airport is an incredibly convenient airport for so many people. While Avelo’s routes were largely unique, the airport itself was already fairly well served.

New Haven’s new base is a lot more fascinating and riskier, if you ask me. For context, Tweed New Haven Airport serves only 50,000 passengers per year, and the airport has only one trade route, on American Eagle to Philadelphia.

There is so much potential value here, but also risk:

  • Avelo is run by smart people, and I’m sure they’ve managed the numbers in the markets they’re planning to launch, and they think that will make sense.
  • At the same time, it’s fascinating to create a base at an airport that otherwise doesn’t get a lot of service.
  • I’m sure Avelo’s cost structure at the airport is amazing and way less than Burbank’s
  • Tweed New Haven Airport is just under an hour’s drive (about 55 miles) from Hartford-Bradley International Airport, so presumably the airline is primarily hoping to poach passengers who would otherwise fly away. of the; the airport is also a few miles from Yale so I’m sure this will be popular with students

I can’t wait to see what kind of routes Avelo is launching. My money is to focus on Florida, as is the case with many airlines these days.

It will be the most important air service New Haven has ever had

At the end of the line

Avelo Airlines has unveiled its first base on the East Coast, which will be at New Haven Tweed Airport. It’s a small airport that currently receives very little service, and is just under an hour’s drive from Hartford. The airline is betting on southern Connecticut and the surrounding area, and hopefully the bet pays off.

I can’t wait to see what routes the airline plans to launch from here.

What do you think of the establishment by Avelo Airlines of a base in New Haven?


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