Australia orders Victoria state to close from midnight –

Australia orders Victoria state to close from midnight – fr

The Disneyland theme park will reopen to residents outside of California in mid-June, when the state is expected to fully reopen its economy.
Disney Theme Parks and Resort, located in Anaheim, reopened on April 30 after closing for more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but only to residents of California and in groups not exceeding three households.

The state continued to bring its winter wave of Covid-19 infections under control, which helped ease restrictions on businesses and gatherings.

California averaged about one new Covid-19 infection per 100,000 people per day over the past week, the lowest per capita rate in the United States, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and in down from a high of around 114 at the start. January.

“We are pleased to announce that starting June 15, 2021, we will once again be able to welcome travelers from out of the state of California to our theme parks,” Disney Parks wrote on its blog Wednesday after- midday.

Masked family poses for a selfie in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland © AP

Gavin Newsom, Democratic Governor of California, has targeted June 15 as the day the state will fully reopen its economy. Mark Ghaly, state health director, announced last week that physical distancing requirements and operating capacity restrictions would be removed from that date. The adoption of new CDC guidelines allowing fully vaccinated people to forgo face masks in almost all indoor and outdoor situations would be delayed until June 15, Ghaly said.

Media reported that Bob Chapek, chief executive of Disney, told an industry conference earlier this week that he believed Disneyland and Disney World in Florida would be operating at full capacity by fall.

Disney World had been subject to the less onerous restrictions governing its state and reopened at 35% capacity in July of last year.

In the 12 months ended September 28, 2019, Disney’s last full fiscal year before the pandemic began, the company generated about 38% of its $ 69.6 billion in revenue and 45% of its $ 14.9 billion. dollars in operating income from its fleets, experiences and product businesses.


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