‘Army of the Dead’ raises questions with dead pixels –

‘Army of the Dead’ raises questions with dead pixels – fr

If you’ve watched Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” this weekend, you might have noticed that something was wrong. You weren’t alone – many Twitter and Reddit users have noticed that some scenes appear to have dead pixels, or completely white space, on different parts of the screen.

An user wrote, “Army Of The Dead really made me think my TV was a mess with 2 broken pixels and it turns out it was in the movie. “

Viewers wondered if the pixel issue with Snyder’s zombie VFX opus was an issue with their TV screens or a Netflix issue after the film released on the streaming platform on May 21. user wrote: “This is not visible in all scenes because only one of the cameras (I am evaluating three) has a faulty sensor. For example, you can see this clearly in the reverse photo of Dave Batista as he sits in the restaurant at the start of the film. “

As the movie progresses, the group of dead pixels at one point drops to three. A few observers commented on how distracting they found the situation and wondered why the problem had not been fixed in post-production. A user who goes through Jake commented, “I’m amazed Zack didn’t notice. “

Snyder used RED Monstro digital cameras fitted with vintage Canon lenses to create the distinctive look of the film, which he was director of photography on.

A few Twitter users joked that the movie should have been called “Army of the Dead Pixels”.

However, other Reddit users have pointed out that this is not the first time dead pixels have been spotted on the Netflix service. One user points out that they were first noticed during last year’s ‘ripping’, while another noted that it is becoming more and more common, highlighting the problem on recent heavy shows. from VFX such as “Jupiter’s Legacy” and “Shadow and Bone”.

XEvilrobot wrote: “I’ve noticed white pixels in a lot of recent Netflix content lately, Shadow and Bone for example had several – they would be there for some scenes and not for others. Walked in and out, but still back on the same few pixels when he would be there. “

A graphics expert from a large visual effects company who did not work on “Army” said there were several reasons dead pixels could appear on the screen, although it was “highly unlikely. That they would have been missed in post-production. “If automatic processing was not available for given camera settings or was turned off to keep the workflow as ‘analog’ as possible, it would likely preserve those dead pixels,” said the expert.

Netflix has not commented.

Here’s what viewers were saying about the weird glitch:


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