Arkansas Governor accuses Trump of “dividing our party” – fr

Arkansas Governor accuses Trump of “dividing our party” – fr

A Republican governor dared to denounce former President Trump, claiming that the former Commander-in-Chief who still holds the GOP “divides our party.”
Speaking to John Berman on CNN New day Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson urged his party to abandon its loyalty to Mr. Trump on Tuesday.

“Whenever we don’t have the ruling president of our party, you have divided the leadership, many different voices and former President Trump dividing our party, so it’s important that we don’t unite with someone. ‘one that divides our party,’ Mr Hutchinson mentioned.

Mr Hutchinson is unable to run for another term as governor, which gives the Republican a little more lead in crossing paths with Mr Trump.

In recent weeks, leading Republicans have pushed to remove Representative Liz Cheney, a notable critic of Trump who voted to remove Mr. Trump after the Jan.6 uprising, from her post as Republican conference chair.

Mr Trump has posted several articles on his makeshift new blog calling for Ms Cheney’s ouster and the appointment of Loyalist Representative Elise Stefanik.

“The House GOP has a huge opportunity to spend this week from hawkish Liz Cheney to talented communicator Elise Stefanik,” he said.

Instead of worrying about little leadership discussions, Mr Hutchinson proposed that the Republican Party “talk about these ideas, let it go, talk about the future, talk about the Biden administration, that’s what builds our party. , that’s what brings people together, and what our goal should be.

“I don’t believe Liz Cheney should be ousted for a vote of conscience. I think we need to focus on the things that unite us rather than separate us.

Since January, there has been a clear division within the Republican Party following Mr. Trump’s second impeachment. It has reached a boiling point with calls to remove Ms Cheney as the GOP’s oldest woman and replace her with Ms Stefanik, a move backed by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House Republicans.

“We have to respond to people who love Trump. We need to respond and identify with the issues that raised him in the first election and supported him throughout his presidency… but we need to deal with it differently with different personalities, ”said Hutchinson.


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