Arizona GOP split on vote audit – fr

Arizona GOP split on vote audit – fr

“Basically, each of our five supervisors said, ‘Enough is enough,” Sellers said in an interview on Sunday. “What they are suggesting is not just criticism. They say we broke the law. And we certainly haven’t.

The real target of the accusations, he said in the interview, “are the professionals who run the elections, the people who followed the rules and who did an incredible job in the midst of a pandemic.

“A lot of the questions asked right now have been answered,” he said of those who dispute the November results. “But the people who ask them don’t like the answers, so they keep asking.”

The problem is the Maricopa County vote. But Ms Fann’s letter raises the prospect that an exercise dismissed by serious observers as being clearly partisan and flawed could become a powerful weapon in the continuing efforts of Mr Trump and his supporters to undermine the legitimacy of the Arizona vote. and maybe elsewhere.

The review has no formal electoral authority and will not change the results of the Arizona election, no matter what.

A poll by High Ground, a Phoenix-based firm well known for its political polls, this spring found that 78% of Republicans in Arizona believe Mr. Trump’s false claims that President Biden did not win the November elections. A recent Monmouth University poll found that nearly two-thirds of Republicans nationwide believe Mr Biden did not legitimately win the 2020 election. More than six in ten Americans believe he does. ‘did.


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