Another of Gwyneth Paltrow’s vaginal candles exploded (allegedly) – fr

Another of Gwyneth Paltrow’s vaginal candles exploded (allegedly) – fr

Another of Gwyneth Paltrow’s $ 75 vaginal candles is said to have exploded, but this time the injured party sues because when you pay a premium for the midday scent, you also pay for the safety. (TMZ)

RIP Charles Grodin. (Variety)

John Boyega returns for Attack Block 2. (Lainey Gossip)

So bad news for Eva Longoria’s directorial debut. The guy who claims he invented Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos? He probably didn’t. (Unlisted)

Right-wing fascists – read: MY FATHER ™ – are really angry with Prince Harry for his comments on the First Amendment. (Celebitchy)

Petr shared this information, which completely melted my face:

New accusers claim to have been drugged and trafficked by TI and Tiny. (The root)

From Roxane: IGN staff released a statement on the management’s decision to withdraw its post regarding donations to Palestinian humanitarian organizations. (Way)

From Claude: Secret story: Women warriors fought their slaves. (The Guardian)

I mean, it’s a way of defending your client after they storm the Capitol building, I guess.

JJ Abrams makes video games now? Oh my god… (deadline)

Despite reports to the contrary, Dune still releases day and date in theaters and on HBO Max, which has really fucked up a lot of people who apparently don’t want to Dune to be seen by such a large audience? The Twitter movie is stupid. (IndieWire)

And Leslie Odom Jr. is your newest Knives out 2 cast member because apparently we’re slowly releasing them again. (THR)

Can you be nostalgic for a book that didn’t exist when you were a young reader? The debut of Claribel A. Ortega in 2020, Ghost Squad, is one of the picks for this weekend’s Young At Heart Cannon Book Club. CoffeeShopReader liked it but felt the frustration of a middle-class adult reading a book. AndtheIToldYouSos loved it and believed it firmly in the KidLit tradition of children facing frightening adult problems and saving the day. “Ghost Squad may be built around loss, but it really is a celebration of joy. Join Cannonball Read on Friday and Saturday to talk about nostalgia and reading. (Cannonball Read 13)

5 shows after dark: ‘Prodigal Son’ Fox series finale, ABC ‘Black-ish’ season seven finale |

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