Anonymous coaches talk about Buckeye Hoops, Ryan Day is fourth-best coach, Gene Smith takes extra time – fr

Anonymous coaches talk about Buckeye Hoops, Ryan Day is fourth-best coach, Gene Smith takes extra time – fr

Imagine a world where the state of Ohio is so desperate for a winning gem that it is handing out rings for beating Bowling Green and the University of Miami in the same season.

Because that’s pretty much what’s going on here.

Word of the day: Desideratum.

#TAKES ANONYMES. I have a love-hate relationship with anonymous quotes. For one thing, I really have no idea who these people are or why I should value their opinion on anything. On the flip side, anonymity is the only way to get an active coach to be brutally and honestly hilarious at times.

So when ESPN’s Jeff Borzello gives me a collection of quotes comparing recruiting ‘sales pitches’ across the Big Ten, I choose to believe they’re all very real, because it’s just a lot more fun. .

And the good news is that the state of Ohio is still seen as a “top” recruiting pitch. The bad news is, it’s still not a slam dunk.

While Indiana and the State of Michigan are generally considered better jobs due to their dedication to basketball, Michigan and the State of Ohio are number one with the Hoosiers and Spartans. In fact, some coaches think Wolverines and Buckeyes are just better jobs because of their huge brands and sports department resources.

“I feel like they are in a group of their own,” said an assistant coach. “They have prestige. Brand name, brand recognition. You can pick up the phone and call any kid in the country and there will be interest because of the mark. There always seem to be NBA level players in their home country year after year. and year after year. You are going to be, at worst, one of two in the state of Michigan, and in Ohio, one of the two. “

“What don’t they have that Indiana and the state of Michigan have?” Another longtime Big Ten assistant was added.

Ohio State has one title, multiple Final Fours, and was one of the most consistent programs in the country under Thad Matta. The Buckeyes have recent success, a very strong talent base in the state to recruit, a great tradition and great facilities.

“They have a huge alumni base,” said one coach. “When they’re good, fans enjoy their basketball. It’s a basketball rich state, they have a great basketball history. They had good coaches. And when you go on an official visit to a football match. , you are having a college football game day, you combine that with great facilities, great city in Columbus hard to refuse. “

The feelings of coaches who think there is a gap between Michigan and Indiana state “basketball schools” and Michigan and Ohio “football schools” have to do with perceived priorities of athletics departments.

“I don’t think they have the strength to stay if they take a dip like Indiana did,” said one coach. “It’s too easy for people to call Michigan and Ohio football schools. If they dive, they could dive for a while. “

“Michigan is still a football school. It’s a challenge, ”added another coach. “Some will say it’s a very good thing because they won’t talk about you until the end of January. But people don’t really care until you do. Ohio State has one of the worst atmospheres in the league. “

Overall, extremely fair! Especially the parts about Ohio State being a school football that nobody cares about until the end of January and also this last part having one of the worst atmospheres in the league.

The atmosphere in the Schott is so bad during the average home game that it’s almost worth taking a prospect on a road trip instead. I don’t even know if it’s allowed, but Chris Holtmann should think about it.

SOCIALLY RISE. Ryan Day was extremely low in last year’s CBS Sports College Football Head Coaching Power Rankings, placing No. 10. how good it was.

I get it, but also, that # 10 ranking was still zero as there isn’t a level of consideration or close expectation that should put it below guys like Dan Mullen and James Franklin.

However, it seems there has been a bit of justice this year.

4. Ryan Day: I had been one of the voters holding Day last season because I had taken a more patient approach. I felt Day had inherited a nice schedule from Urban Meyer, and wanted to see how he kept it going. Well, two playoff spots and a title loss later, and I would say he’s doing pretty well. Hell, you could say he does some things better than Meyer. Ohio State is easily one of the top three programs in the country, and Day has only made it more evident since taking over. 2020 ranking: 10 (+6)

To be clear, No. 4 is still too low – no sane individual would choose Lincoln Riley over Ryan Day at this point – but I’m at least satisfied enough not to riot in the streets.

NEXT MAN. Do you want to waste six minutes of your boss’s time watching Ohio State’s next generational quarterback put the ball on point over and over again? I got you.

Also, Landon Samson # 6 could be a human whose existence is worth remembering, if you understand my drift.

HOW TO SUCK YOUR BOSS. My friends, take some notes.

However, that doesn’t really work in my case, as the chances of me praising my boss on Twitter for giving himself a raise are slim (sorry, Jason).

Now, if he wins that vaccine lottery …

SONG OF THE DAY. « Aliens Exist » par blink-182.

DO NOT JOIN SPORTS. Two retired naval officers warn infamous Tic-Tac UFO sighting points to technology beyond our arsenal by at least 100 to 1000 years … They are terminally ill, but states want to kill them with all way… Divorces drop 70% in China after government orders pre-divorce “calm”… Scientists show how LSD opens doors to perception… When training doesn’t work… Why do we hate the sound of our own voices….


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