Anne Heche just posted another semi-shaded TikTok about Ellen DeGeneres – fr

Anne Heche just posted another semi-shaded TikTok about Ellen DeGeneres – fr

Heche wasn’t thrilled to see DeGeneres appear as one of her lookalikes.

Anne Heche is fairly new to the TikTok space, but she’s already made headlines with two of her videos. And both included a mention of ex-girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres.

In her latest clip, uploaded Thursday, May 6, Heche tries out the shapeshifter filter – turning into three different celebrity look-alikes.

The first result was a photo of DeGeneres from the 1994 Cable Ace Awards – three years before Ellen dated as a lesbian and began dating Heche in 1997.

Heche gave an invaluable reaction, as a recorded voice said, “OMG not her. The second photo was Charlize Theron – whom Heche was “not crazy about” – before the app offered a professional photo of herself. ” Let’s go! She exclaimed when she saw herself.

“Disappointed but not surprised,” she captioned her video, accompanied by the hashtag #joke.

While the video makes it look like the app was selecting celebrity lookalikes for Heche, many comments pointed out that the user typically selects which photos to transform when using this particular filter. If it’s a photo with multiple people, it will turn the user into the person they most closely resemble.

In another April video, Heche noted some of her most “iconic” red carpet looks – and spilled tea on DeGeneres in the clip as well.

The photo in question showed the then-couple together at the 1998 Golden Globe Awards, with Heche wearing a velvet look.

“Why do I look like a hippie?” ” she asked. “It’s because Ellen didn’t want me to dress sexy. Goodbye, no! She also glanced a thumbs down.

Heche and DeGeneres dated from 1997 to 2000, before later marrying James Tupper, costar of “Men In Trees”, with whom she shares two children. DeGeneres, meanwhile, has been with his wife Portia de Rossi since 2004.


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