Anna Nicole’s daughter Dannielynn is not interested in the movie, modeling deals – fr

Anna Nicole’s daughter Dannielynn is not interested in the movie, modeling deals – fr

Dannielynn’s father, Larry Birkhead, TMZ tells… the 14-year-old has been offered a bunch of acting and modeling positions over the years, but Dannielynn just isn’t interested.

Larry says last week, before Dannielynn bore a striking resemblance to her mother au Kentucky Derby, he got a call asking if they wanted to be in an upcoming horror movie. They haven’t officially declined the offer, but it looks like they will – Larry says taking action just isn’t Dannielynn’s business.

Another sign that Dannielynn isn’t seriously considering offers are pouring in from movie producers and big business asking her to be in movies and commercials… Dad says she doesn’t even have a manager or model portfolio.

As you know… Dannielynn is compared to Anna Nicole everywhere she goes, but her dad says it can be tiring even if she takes it as a compliment. He says Dannielynn just wants to be his own person, not his mother.

Larry tells us that he doesn’t know if the offers are related to Dannielynn’s resemblance to her mother, or to her being Anna Nicole’s daughter… but she refuses them anyway.

Although a future in Hollywood is here to take it, Larry says the first year of high school is focused on her homework and that she is interested in art, animation and drawing. Dad says she showed acting talent in a play a few years ago, but decided to move away from the theater.

Dannielynn doesn’t completely close the door on Tinseltown… Larry says that Dannielynn told him that she would jump on an offer for “Stranger Things” or “The Mandalorian” in the blink of an eye.


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