Andrew Yang’s wife Evelyn tears apart husband’s ‘racist disfigurement’ in New York Daily News cartoon –

Andrew Yang’s wife Evelyn tears apart husband’s ‘racist disfigurement’ in New York Daily News cartoon – fr

Evelyn Yang, the wife of the New York mayoral candidate and millionaire Andrew YangAndrew Yang New Yorkers can abandon progressivism to save their city: will the nation follow? Jeffries endorses Wiley in New York Mayor Yang race: “Defund the police is the wrong approach for New York City” READ MORE, criticized a New York Daily News for a cartoon portraying her husband as a tourist, calling him a “racist disfigurement” of him.
“I can’t believe my eyes,” Evelyn Yang said on Monday. ” To post this racist disfigurement of @AndrewYang as a tourist, in New York where I was born, where Andrew has lived for 25 years, where our boys were born, where 16% of us are Asians and anti-Asian hatred is up 900%. ”

The cartoon, published and posted on Twitter Monday by Daily News cartoonist Bill Bramhall, depicts Andrew Yang as an excited tourist leaving the Times Square subway station and a local store owner expressing the happiness of people who are not of the city have returned.

« T“It’s disgusting and false,” the Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Victory Alliance said in a tweet reacting to the cartoon.Every day, Asian Americans struggle with the idea that we are foreigners. We are here and we are not going anywhere. This is why the AAPI representation like @andrewyang is so important. Do better. ”

New Yorkers laughed at Andrew Yang after saying the station was his “favorite.”

In an op-ed on Sunday, the Daily News criticized Andrew Yang, a candidate for mayor in the nation’s largest city, for what he described as his statements out of touch with everyday New Yorkers.

“Andrew Yang may be a quick study, but all the stuff he has done since jumping into the mayoral race can’t make up for years of inattention to New York politics and politics,” the best proof is that he never bothered to vote in a local election, ”the newspaper wrote.

The newspaper mentioned Andrew Yang’s inability to answer a question last week about a local police law and mocked him for not knowing how much debt the local transport authority is.

“The town hall is not just for fools who know all the intricacies of municipal government; it has to go to the person with the best ideas, skills, instincts and priorities. But it’s ridiculous, ”the editorial concluded.

Andrew Yang briefly ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019, cultivating a vibrant online following known as the “Yang Gang” and promising to make direct payments to all Americans if elected.

The New York Daily News did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the cartoon. Andrew Yang’s campaign has indicated he will tackle the cartoon on Tuesday.


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