Amy Adams to star in film based on Vancouver teacher’s book – fr

Amy Adams to star in film based on Vancouver teacher’s book – fr

Suzanne Simard is known for her work around mother trees.

A few Hollywood A-listers are planning to make a film based on Suzanne Simard’s memoir.

The UBC professor is famous for her work on trees and the development of the idea of ​​the mother tree; his research has shown how trees communicate and help each other in forests. His long-awaited memories Find the mother tree was released last week, followed shortly by the announcement that the book will be made into a movie.

Bond Group Entertainment, co-founded by Amy Adams, and Nine Stories, co-founded by Jake Gyllenhaal, are teaming up on the project. Adams is about to play.

« Find the mother tree is not only a deeply magnificent memoir on a woman’s defining life, it is also a call to action to protect, understand and connect with the natural world, ”we read on Instagram in a statement by ‘Adams and his business partner Stacy O’Neil.

Simard’s work was revolutionary in forest science and brought it to the public eye. His TED talk was viewed nearly 1.7 million times on YouTube and one of the major characters in the Pulitzer victory L’Overstory was based on it. His work has also influenced ideas in pop culture, such as the tree in the film Avatar.

His research has spawned a wider effort to understand how forest plants interact, communicate and help each other. His memoir is currently Amazon’s bestseller in the Nature Conservation category, third in the major science and math category, and 38 in total. It has also received critical acclaim.


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