All adults can reserve the COVID-19 vaccine at select Ontario hotspot pharmacies – fr

All adults can reserve the COVID-19 vaccine at select Ontario hotspot pharmacies – fr

Nearly 140 pharmacies began offering COVID-19 vaccines to all adults in some hotspots of the virus in Ontario over the weekend, a change made to align with provincial efforts to protect the most vulnerable in the middle a third wave of infections.
On Friday afternoon, the province quietly announced expanded eligibility on a vaccine reservation webpage at a provincial pharmacy.

The government website lists 78 pharmacies in Toronto and the Region of Peel that now offer the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to people 18 years of age and older.

In Durham Region, Hamilton, Ottawa, Windsor and York Region, 58 pharmacies offer Moderna vaccine to anyone in this age group.

Vaccine seekers can search by zip code to find local pharmacies administering injections and it is advisable to book online or contact pharmacy sites directly.

Justin Bates, CEO of the Ontario Pharmacists Association, said his organization has been working with the province to bring mRNA injections to more pharmacies for some time, with Pfizer’s injections being offered in 16 initial locations. a week earlier.

Previously, pharmacies were only allowed to give doses of AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine to people 40 years of age and older.

Proof of residence in a hot spot not required

The expanded age requirement of 18 and over was approved on Thursday, Bates said, to align with the targeted neighborhood and work clinics currently underway in the province.

Participating sites received vaccine shipments on Friday.

“Our hope is that we will continue to quickly ramp up the program and add more mRNA vaccines to all pharmacies,” Bates said by phone on Saturday.

“It will definitely help increase access, convenience and options for Ontarians, and that’s certainly a good thing. “

People will not be asked to provide proof of residence at a hot spot, Bates said, but pharmacists will need to verify recipients are at least 18 years old at the time of the shot.

Participating pharmacies will receive 150 doses per week, Bates said, with the intention of using waiting lists and possibly accepting walk-in visits to ensure the supply is not wasted.

He said the goal was for all pharmacies to distribute Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines by mid-June, although the timing depends on supply.

Some young adults enroll quickly

Despite the lack of an official government announcement regarding the expansion of eligibility, some young adults in the province rushed to sign up as word spread on social media.

Natallia Richards, of Ajax, Ont., Was roaming Twitter early Saturday morning when she came across a series of posts sharing information about expanding pharmacy age eligibility. She followed a link to the provincial webpage, found a nearby pharmacy, and put herself on a waiting list for vaccines.

Vaccine seekers can search by zip code to find local pharmacies administering COVID-19 injections. People are advised to book online or contact pharmacy sites directly for availability. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

The 23-year-old said the process was surprisingly straightforward, adding that she was relieved to finally be one step closer to a date.

“Obviously I’d love to make a physical date, but it feels good to finally be able to do it,” she said over the phone.

Although Richards does not live in a designated virus hotspot, she suffers from asthma and interacts with family members who regularly go to work, so she was eager to make an appointment.

“It’s a little scary to just sit there and wait,” she said.

“We will remain flexible”

Bates said stocks of AstraZeneca doses were nearing depletion on Saturday, with just 3% remaining at participating pharmacies.

He said pharmacies expected more vaccines at some point, adding that his association was awaiting further guidance from a national immunization panel on the prospect of mixing the first and second doses of different vaccines.

If this happens, these pharmacies may start offering Pfizer or Moderna injections as a second dose to AstraZeneca beneficiaries.

“We will remain flexible,” he said.


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