Alibaba and Virtu Financial are purchases –

Southwest Airlines is better than American – fr

Sunnova Energy International: “Stock difficult because all solar stocks are decreasing. Their price has dropped many times. They eventually started to increase, which makes them less competitive. I say you have to do it. move away from Sunnova. ”
Alibaba: “This stock has gone down a lot, Alibaba, and I like it a lot here. I think you should buy it and put it away. ”

BHP Group: “I love BHP. … I think you have a good one. It’s a very good idea. It’s a beautiful mosaic of what is currently working. ”

Virtu Financial: “I like it… Look, we know the people. It is a very good financial company. I think she should sell for a higher price than she did. . I would be a buyer of it. I think you are in good shape. “ “This stock has been very low. A lot of people don’t like Chinese stocks right now. JD is almost as good as Alibaba. I think it’s worth detaining, but understand the trade war. Understand the temper of the weather. was not to invest in RPC, but this one is also a good choice.

BJ’s Wholesale Club: “BJ’s? Why not wait until Thursday when Costco reports, because if Costco doesn’t do a good job, then BJ’s is going to fall and you are going to be able to get BJ’s back, which will end up having nothing to do with Costco. ”


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