Alfonso quotes fictitious coach unhappy with Mets change – fr

Alfonso quotes fictitious coach unhappy with Mets change – fr

NEW YORK – Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor learned through phone messages that the New York Mets had fired hitting coach Chili Davis and assistant Tom Slater, a move that left the players unhappy.
New York made the announcement on Monday night, two days after Alonso began publicly mentioning positive help from a new batting instructor – someone who, apparently, is fictional.

“I found out on Twitter while I was eating my post-game meal,” Alonso said, explaining that he then spoke to Acting General Manager Zack Scott and gave Davis and Slater hugs. And then I cried a bit in my locker. “

The batting first baseman called the deceased “Uncle Chili and Uncle Slate, I mean they’re like family to us.” “

“It really caught us all off guard,” said Alonso. “It’s confusing to me and, look, I respect everyone who made this decision. But to me that just doesn’t make sense at the moment. “

“But I know the guys who come in, the guys who come in have great minds, they’re great people. And I know the people who were in charge at the office know they want to win, everyone wants to win. But I guess From a results perspective, say 2, 2 1/2 years, the results are there and so to me it still doesn’t make sense, ”he said.

Scott was hired by team president Sandy Alderson after new owner Steven Cohen bought the Mets last fall.

Director Luis Rojas said the coaching changes were “an organizational decision… it’s the best way to share it now. “

He said he was not concerned about a manager change.

“These are the types of things that I don’t think about just because in my field it’s just very disrespectful of the group here to worry about it before worrying about the team,” Rojas said. .

The sudden moves, unusual for this start to the season, were heralded after a 6-5 loss to St. Louis.

“It broke my heart. I was sad, ”Lindor said. “It hurt a bit. “

While the Mets started on Tuesday ninth among 30 teams with a .240 batting average, they are last in points at 76 and home runs with 18. Their batting average of .209 with runners in position of. marker is 29th and they are last with one. 143 on average with two outs and runners in goal position.

After Saturday night’s 5-4 victory in Philadelphia, did Alonso make a curious reference to the contributions of a new coach.

“We just made a cool new recruit, Donnie,” Alonso said at the time. “He’s a nice guy – he’s a great hitting / slash approach coach. Donnie has been great helping the team. I think Luis forgets to mention Donnie. Donnie really helped us today too. “

When asked to explain further, Alonso said, “He’s a new employee. He’s our mental-slash approach trainer. I feel like we had a really cool collective approach as a team today, and Donnie helped us out for sure. “

Pushed for Donnie’s name, Alonso said, “I have to ask that, I have to ask Chili – oh, Stevenson, I think that’s it. “

After Alonso at the interview chair, Michael Conforto smiled when asked.

“Donnie is a new guy. He made an appearance today at our batting reunion. It’s all about the approach, ”Conforto said. “He’s a striking approach guy. He’s a guy who turns the boys on and gets them ready to go. “

Alonso brought the mystery man back after Sunday night’s 8-7 win.

“He had guys in the cage and we just focused on the radiators,” Alonso said. “And that’s what we did today. We focused on shooting the fastball in the yard and tearing the water heater was the main focus today. We put a lot of trails on the board and we were really locked in. He got some really great advice and, yeah, I mean it’s awesome. “

Asked Tuesday whether his references to another hitting coach didn’t help Davis’ situation, Alonso replied, “I’m not going to talk about it. “

Scott also refused to address the mysterious trainer, Mr Stevenson.

“We should ask the players about Donnie,” he said Monday night.

Davis didn’t blame Alonso and Conforto’s comments for his departure.

“The players were having fun and I know they meant no harm,” Davis said as quoted by The New York Post. “It was a fun time for them, but it probably didn’t help. People were just trying to relax as a group and it worked that night. They went out and put some leads on the board. I’m all for them to enjoy the game. “

Mets staff held a meeting with the players on Tuesday that doesn’t appear to change perceptions.

“It’s an explanation that still doesn’t make sense to me right now,” Alonso said.

Lindor, a four-time All-Star, started Tuesday with an average of .163, 151st out of 155 hitters qualified. He learned the shots from a text while walking towards the team bus.

“Maybe if I would have hit a little harder, maybe he had a job.” I don’t know, ”Lindor said.

Alonso said teams shouldn’t rely too much on analytics, calling himself an “old-school type player.”

“Over time, the game stays the same. I mean, the game is the same since the Civil War, ”he said. “When it’s the hour of the game, when it’s my turn to strike in the box, it’s not Luis, it’s not Chile, it’s not the analytical department that is in the box to hit. It’s Pete Alonso. It’s me. And it’s the same with every one of these guys in the clubhouse. “

“You’ve got 13 hitters and all these guys, as soon as they get in the box you might as well take the computer and smash the screen, because every time you think about all those numbers in the computer, if you’re in there in that box and thinking, oh that’s a 2-0 count, he’s changed 45%, he’s 30% fastball and that’s a certain slider percentage, you are out, you are going out, you are outside a helmet, ”he said.


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