Alberta Vaccine Hunters Help Residents Book COVID-19 Jabs – fr

Alberta Vaccine Hunters Help Residents Book COVID-19 Jabs – fr

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After messaging nonstop Albertans when Premier Jason Kenney announced a huge expansion in vaccine eligibility, Edmonton-based “vaccine hunter” Sarah Mackey had to clean her wrists of any seizures.

She thought her phone might ‘catch fire’ with hundreds of messages appearing in her shared Twitter account inbox, @ab_vax, where Mackey and his friend Janaya Matheson direct locals to available vaccine appointments in their area.

The pair had agreed to “keep things casual” on Wednesday in anticipation of an announcement later in the week.

“We felt like we blamed him,” Mackey joked.

On the same day, Kenney informed Albertans born in 1991 or before that they would be eligible to book COVID-19 jabs on Thursday and people aged 12 and older will be eligible next Monday – adding an additional 3.8 million people to the vaccine deployment strategy.

“I can’t even go back because there are too many messages in our inbox,” Mackey said.

The duo took turns responding to questions and concerns from Albertans across the province while sharing timely information on appointments available to enthusiastic millennials through the end of the week.

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“It’s incredibly rewarding and it’s very satisfying to know that all people need is someone to talk about how it works, this is what they are going to ask you, this is what you have need – don’t panic, ”Mackey said, adding that the account has been tagged in dozens of vaccine selfies and received many messages of heartfelt thanks.

“But, at the same time, it’s incredibly frustrating to feel that I shouldn’t be the one doing this. Why are two random people meeting this clear need that should have been built by the government? “

Similar accounts operate across the country with the goal of streamlining immunization in Canada, all of which interact with public health units, but are not formally linked to any level of government. Mackey and Matheson provide practical advice to pharmacists, community members and vaccine resources in Alberta to identify and share available COVID-19 vaccine locations.

She said the extent of their reach is “truly mind-blowing” and there’s no way they’ll be slowing down any time soon, especially for those in the Calgary area where it has been more difficult to reach. ‘get appointments only in other cities.

“Calgary is now completely out of date (Alberta Health Services) and Monday will be brutal if they don’t fix the problem by then,” Mackey said Friday night. “I can’t believe how unevenly the nominations are distributed. We are tracking around 30 towns and villages and the disparities are unreal. “

Kenney said on Friday that Alberta Health Services would adjust its vaccine supply allocation to meet growing demand in Calgary.

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Clinics targeted for large workplaces or specific cultural groups would be part of the effort, he said, adding, “We don’t want to turn anyone away, obviously.”

Although matching appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine with Albertans looking to be vaccinated can be “hard work” – especially since Mackey has a full-time job and has two children – she said that it was worth knowing that she was making a difference.

“We tried to keep things really positive,” Mackey said. “For so long the story was ‘Ottawa failed, we don’t have enough vaccines’ and we are frustrated because for weeks we have had more vaccines and appointments don’t fill up.

Albertans aged 30 and over turned out in droves on Thursday, making 135,604 remarkable dates.

Dozens, if not hundreds, were the result of Alberta’s vaccine hunters.

As the vaccination campaign moves away from widening age eligibility, women in Edmonton plan to shift their messaging to “people who aren’t careful, don’t know they are are eligible or are reluctant to be vaccinated ”to broaden their reach.

” That’s exciting. It is a huge scientific achievement. It’s amazing that we are vaccinating people so quickly, ”Mackey said.

“So let’s get people into the spirit of the community and turn people on.”

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