Alberta now leads Canada and United States in COVID-19 cases per capita – fr

Alberta now leads Canada and United States in COVID-19 cases per capita – fr

TORONTO – Alberta now reports the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita in Canada and the United States.

According to the tracking system, there have been an average of 423.8 daily cases per million people over the past seven days, more than in any other province or territory in Canada as well as in all US states. Cases have tended to increase since March and continue to climb.

The province broke its daily COVID-19 record for the third day in a row on Saturday, reporting 2,433 new infections. On Sunday, Dr Deena Hinshaw, the province’s chief medical officer of health, said there was 1,731 new cases.

Michigan was previously the COVID-19 hotspot in North America of this third wave, peaking at a seven-day average of more than 783 daily cases per million in mid-April. Since then, cases have been declining. On Monday, the state ranked second with 405.9 average daily cases per million.

This is a worrying trend, Calgary family doctor Dr. Christine Gibson told CTV News Channel on Monday.

“We are currently having the highest number of cases per capita, so when the health care system breaks down it will collapse tremendously,” Gibson said.

The province also reported 155 intensive care unit admissions on Sunday, up from the high of 152 set on Friday.

“I mean, the system is already strained, there are some areas where (USI) are full. I hear from my colleagues at the hospital that they are already admitting young people, ”Gibson said.

Dr Noel Gibney, co-chair of the Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association’s pandemic committee, says the mixed message from the provincial government is to blame for the explosion of COVID-19 cases in Alberta.

“I believe we are here because our government has not taken the necessary steps to ensure that the messages (and) we have received are mixed. One day the Prime Minister suggests the lockdowns don’t work and the next day suggests we’re going to have to introduce new targeted public health restrictions, ”Gibney told CTV News Channel on Monday.

Last Thursday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenny announced new restrictions for hotspots across the province that closed indoor fitness and moved all middle and high schools to online learning only.

Despite the high number of cases, Alberta’s public health restrictions have been much looser than those of other provinces like Ontario, which reported an average of 243.1 cases per million per day. Unlike Ontario, no home support order has been issued anywhere in the province. In-person retail stores and restaurant patios were also allowed to open.

“We need to focus on eliminating rather than mitigating the virus because it keeps showing up, and it will continue to do so until we have very, very strict measures,” Gibson said. “We have never had a lockdown in Alberta. In fact, right now our restrictions are pretty minimal compared to other regions, and we really have to step up and say we want to take this seriously and go to zero (cases). “

The relatively loose restrictions were still too great for the thousands of people who attended the “No More Lockdowns” rodeo near Bowden, Alta. on Sunday.

“I’m just deeply disappointed and worried, and even though it’s outside with most people unmasked, it has the potential to accelerate the spread,” said Gibney, when asked about the rodeo.

If the province does not adopt more stringent measures similar to those adopted in the first wave of the pandemic last year, Gibney expects the number of new cases to double in the near future.

“There is no doubt that until strong measures are put in place, rates will rise exponentially. And we can expect a doubling of our cases over the next two to three weeks, ”Gibney said.


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