Alberta cross-border truckers will be vaccinated by Montana – fr

Alberta cross-border truckers will be vaccinated by Montana – fr

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has said Montana will provide photos of Johnson & Johnson to truckers crossing the border starting May 10.
The agreement is similar to previous agreements signed between Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota and is expected to affect approximately 2,000 truckers.

“The initiative we are announcing today is only part of our effort to get vaccines to the arms of all Albertans as quickly as possible,” Kenney said Friday morning.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only one dose. Truckers will get the hang of it at a stopover near Conrad, MT.

“I want to close by thanking the truckers who have driven thousands of miles and who work day in and day out to ensure our communities have food, medicine and vital goods throughout last year’s pandemic. Kenney said.

Alberta has been hit hard by a third wave of COVID-19 and currently has more active cases, per capita, than any Canadian province or US state.

Kenney’s United Conservative Government also announced a dramatic increase in vaccine eligibility this week, with all Albertans over 30 qualifying starting Thursday and all Albertans 12 and older becoming eligible starting Thursday. Monday.

This means that of the estimated 4.4 million people in the province, about 3.8 million will be eligible to be vaccinated by next week.

As of Thursday, approximately 100,000 newly eligible Albertans registered for the vaccine.

Prior to this announcement, Alberta was on track to receive more than 4.2 million doses of various vaccines by July 4.


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