Alan Carr jokes that Adele turned down her request to stay at her Los Angeles home – fr

Alan Carr jokes that Adele turned down her request to stay at her Los Angeles home – fr

Alan Carr says a recent trip to Los Angeles saw him snubbed by poster friend Adele who suggested he stay in a hotel rather than stay with her.
The 44-year-old comedian has a long-standing friendship with music sensation Adele, 33, with the singer even being ordered to officiate at Alan’s wedding to her husband Paul Drayton.

Speaking of their continued friendship, Alan laughed at his latest trip to see Adele in Los Angeles – where the star is said to own a multi-million pound mansion.

But rather than giving Alan a bed to sleep in at her house, the singer told the Chatty Man star to check in at a nearby hotel, the Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood.

Alan Carr says Adele suggested not to stay with her during her visit to Los Angeles

Alan revealed it all on his Alan’s Life’s a Beach podcast during a chat with 27-year-old Sound Of Metal actress Olivia Cooke.

He said, “I was hoping to stay at Adele’s, but she said,” Why don’t you stay at this hotel? ”

“And I looked at the website and it looked weird.

Adele allegedly asked Alan to stay at a nearby hotel instead

“There was a huge jack of clubs, there was a chess piece. It was like, “this is a little strange”. But I know it’s amazing.

Laughing at the script, Olivia added, “You’re like, ‘Come on baby, you’ve got enough rooms.’ “

In 2018, Alan tied the knot with party planner and actor Paul Drayton.

Adele presided over the event by marrying the two men.

Alan, her husband Paul Drayton and Adele on the singer’s 33rd birthday

Adele was ordered to marry Alan and Paul in 2018

Alan said in an interview following her big day, “She’s known me and Paul for ages, and she said, ‘I want to make your day special. Let me do it all. ”

“So she did everything, and she was ordained, and she married us. She is the nicest, sweetest and most charming person ever.

While Adele herself took to social media to express herself on her own terms, writing on Instagram: “I married two of my best friends in January.


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