Airbnb user claims he found abandoned mall under apartment – fr

Airbnb user claims he found abandoned mall under apartment – fr

An Airbnb customer claims she made an unexpected discovery after finding an abandoned mall under her bedroom.
Claire Scheulin, who rented the Airbnb unit, posted an exploration of her findings on her TikTok channel.

She and a friend rummaged through the abandoned retail space, which she called “a little scary.” His videos have been viewed over 7 million times.

In the footage, Ms Scheulin captures an empty promenade area that looked long abandoned. However, a video showed that at least one facility in the mall – a cafe in the center of the establishment – still seemed to attract guests.

She said she would not share a link to Airbnb where she was staying before she left with her friend.

Users understood that the mall was likely in Florida, and the building apparently had a number of apartments built on top of it that were still active.

They suggested the mall was the Oceanwalk Mall since closed in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

The Airbnb listing of apartments built above does not mention access to the shopping center in the basement, but the account shows a photo of the entrance.

Another user who stayed in the apartments confirmed that he also found the mall and called it “run down” and “sketchy”.

Many social media commentators said the story reminded them of an urban internet legend called ‘The Backrooms’, about an office worker who is unwittingly transported into an empty and must-see maze of offices that exists just beyond. beyond our reality.

The abandoned mall isn’t the first time a TikTok user has discovered something unusual while staying at an Airbnb.

Another user claimed to have found a secret room behind an air vent in an Airbnb where he was staying.

In a video posted to TikTok, the user showed that hidden behind an aerator is a dark, hidden room. He said he felt like he had been observed, although he could not provide any evidence to prove his suspicions.

He did not specifically disclose Airbnb’s location, but did use a hashtag for Richmond, Virginia in his posts.


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