Air France reopens the spectacular La Premiere lounge – fr

Air France reopens the spectacular La Premiere lounge – fr

The world’s best first-class salon reopened from today.

Reopening of the Air France first class lounge

During the pandemic, we saw airlines shut down several lounges due to lack of demand. We are slowly seeing airlines reopening their lounges, even though it is happening at different rates around the world.

Only a limited number of airlines have first-class international lounges, and these were overwhelmingly closed during the pandemic, both because the larger planes were grounded and also because of corporate demand. decreased. On this front there is some fantastic news.

The Air France La Premiere lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle offers my favorite ground experience in the world, and it reopened from today, May 4, 2021.

Air France First Class 777

There is no airline that is as committed to maintaining the quality of first class as Air France, and this clearly reflects this. Even though the La Premiere lounge was closed, the airline still offered a dedicated space for first class passengers in another lounge and continued to offer car service.

For comparison, the Lufthansa First Class lounges, as well as the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, remain closed.

The La Premiere lounge has even been refreshed

Not only is Air France opening the La Premiere lounge, but the airline has also taken the opportunity to refresh the interior of the lounge a little. It looks like the changes aren’t too drastic, but a few cosmetic improvements have been made:

  • There are two daybeds with dividing curtains in the relaxation area
  • The bar now has different finishes, and is white and mirror
  • The bubbles replace the fiber screen that was previously in one of the seats on the side of the main room

At the end of the line

For the privileged few who will fly La Premiere in the coming months, Air France’s flagship lounge is once again open. This is my favorite salon in the world. Despite Air France’s very small first-class footprint (due to the withdrawal of the A380) and the general lack of demand for long-haul travel, the airline remains committed to this offer, which is great.

Anyone visiting La Premiere in the coming weeks?


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