Afraid of a “cancellation”? Mark Ruffalo begs for forgiveness after suggesting Israel is committing ‘genocide’ against Palestinians – RT USA News

Afraid of a “cancellation”? Mark Ruffalo begs for forgiveness after suggesting Israel is committing ‘genocide’ against Palestinians – RT USA News

    L'acteur Mark Ruffalo a divisé les médias sociaux après s'être excusé pour les déclarations provocantes qu'il a faites à propos d'Israël.  Certains ont dit que son rétropédalage était courageux, tandis que d'autres l'ont dénoncé comme étant sans vrille.

</p><div><p>La star hollywoodienne a fait partie d'une bande de célébrités et de personnalités pour peser sur la montée de la violence entre Israël et les Palestiniens ces dernières semaines. 

Earlier this month, he called for economic restrictions in Tel Aviv, writing that “The sanctions against South Africa have helped liberate its black people – it is time for sanctions against Israel to free the Palestinians.” The post included a link to a petition demanding international sanctions against major Israeli industries. “Until the Palestinians are granted full and equal civil rights. “

Cross-border rocket and missile attacks between Hamas-controlled Gaza and Israel erupted earlier in May, after days of violent protests against Israel’s plan to evict several Palestinian families from East Jerusalem to make room to Jewish settlers. There have been civilian casualties on both sides, but the IDF has been accused of leading a disproportionate response, killing scores of non-combatants, including children.

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But in a tweet on Monday, Ruffalo sought to clarify his position on the conflict.

“I thought about it and wanted to apologize for the messages published during the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas which suggested that Israel was committing ‘genocide’,” the wrote. “This is not correct, it is inflammatory, disrespectful and is used to justify anti-Semitism here and abroad. Now is the time to avoid hyperbole. “

The message received applause from supporters of Israel. Dov Hikind, former member of the New York State Assembly and founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism, mentionned that Ruffalo’s apology was unexpected but welcome.

“You always need a certain courage to admit your mistakes”, he wrote.

Pro-Israel group Stand With Us also provided support. The organization’s executive director, Michael Dickson, said it was important the actor had “Set the record straight”, arguing that “The lie of ‘genocide’ is used to incite violent – sometimes deadly anti-Semitism. “

Many others have expressed disappointment at Ruffalo’s apparent U-turn and accused the “Avengers” star of giving in to pressure to adapt his outspoken take on the matter.

A commentator said the actor doesn’t have a backbone and is going back on his statements because he didn’t want to “Upset polite society.”

Other observers said Ruffalo was now part of the “Problem” by not supporting his denunciations of Israeli policy towards the Palestinians.

“It is such a shame that you have chosen to confuse criticism of the atrocities committed by the State of Israel with anti-Semitism. It is not and should never be used to justify racism ”, lis a upset response.

The American actor is far from the only celebrity to spark controversy on social media with his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Earlier this month, Swedish popstar Zara Larsson was accused of anti-Semitism after claiming Israel was guilty “Aside” against the Palestinians. Instagram’s controversial post was later removed.

In a similar case, model Bella Hadid faced backlash after taking part in a pro-Palestinian march in New York. Israel’s official Twitter account condemned the American model, whose father is Palestinian, accusing him of defending the “Elimination of the Jewish State”.

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