Adrian Edmondson trapped on windowsill as house chore leads to dramatic rescue – fr

Adrian Edmondson trapped on windowsill as house chore leads to dramatic rescue – fr

Comedy legend Adrian Edmondson spent a bank holiday weekend, becoming something of a spectacle when he got stuck on a window sill.
The 64-year-old funnyman was using his weekend to do household chores when things took a turn for the worse.

Adrian was at home cleaning the windows when he managed to get trapped outside on the ledge.

Local firefighters came to rescue actor Bottom – as a crowd gathered to watch the scene and the rescue mission unfold.

Comedian Adrian Edmondson locked himself in front of his house on a windowsill

Speaking to social media on Sunday, Ade shared his story with his followers, writing, “I just got trapped on a windowsill while cleaning the windows.

“I had to ask the passer-by to get help. The firefighters have come. A small crowd gathered – good fun.

He keeps on: “[Fire Brigade] very nice and didn’t chuckle too much while they saved me.

He added: “How is your holiday going? “

Fortunately, a passer-by was able to come to Ade’s aid and call the fire department.

Smuggler Duncan Cumming, 46, was exposed as the Good Samaritan who called the fire department to save Ade when he saw him trapped outside.

He said: “I saw someone on the roof and thought it looked risky – but when I got closer I knew who it was.

“He yelled at me that he was locked out and asked if I would call the fire department, which I did of course. “

“I left once I knew he was okay, but that’s not what you see every day.”

“Every once in a while in London you see famous people outside – but usually not on a window sill! “

Adrian’s report of the incident was met with great amusement from the followers.

A relieved fan tweeted: “Glad you’re okay @AdrianEdmondson but otherwise hilarious!”

Another suggested: “Next time @AdrianEdmondson, please buy some glass cleaner. “

While others noticed the incident was like life imitating art, sharing music videos from The Young Ones where Ade, playing Vyvyan “Vyv” Basterd, smashed a window to enter an apartment.

And another fan recalled an episode of Bottom – in which Ade starred alongside the late Rik Mayall.

They tweeted, “It reminds me of the Bottom episode where you were trapped on the roof of the store with Rik. “


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