Actress Maripier Morin withdraws her nomination following further allegations of misconduct – fr

Actress Maripier Morin withdraws her nomination following further allegations of misconduct – fr

MONTREAL – Quebec actress Maripier Morin is calling for her Artis Gala nomination to be quashed following new allegations against her regarding sexual misconduct and racist behavior.

She made the comments during an interview broadcast on Sunday on Radio-Canada’s “Tout le monde en parle” television program. Morin is nominated for the lead female role in a seasonal drama series for “La faille”. The Artis Gala is the viewers’ choice award that celebrates the most popular stars of Quebec television.

Morin finds herself embroiled in more controversy following a La Presse report over the weekend that she made racist remarks, engaged in unsolicited sexual touching and physically assaulted multiple people between 2017 and 2020.

The new allegations come on top of those made last summer by singer-songwriter Safia Nolin, who said Morin made racist statements in her presence and bit her on the thigh in 2018. Morin s ‘was publicly excused following Nolin’s accusations.

Bell Media said last year that it had discontinued all shows it aired on its streaming networks featuring Morin. She also saw her nominations revoked that year for the Artis Gala and the Gemini Awards, which honor television and digital media in Canada.

On Sunday, Morin said: “I have made the decision to withdraw my nomination”, about the Artis 2021 awards ceremony, which is due to take place next Sunday. Morin said she was an “addicted alcoholic” who was “completely overwhelmed by the feeling of being loved at all costs”.

“I thought I could do it all,” she says.

She nodded when co-host Anaïs Favron asked her if the latest allegations were true, adding that she had undergone a three-week therapy session. Morin said she “deeply regretted” her actions and wanted to apologize directly to those she hurt.

“Apologizing here is a bit easy,” she said. “To make amends, you do it face to face so they can see how far you’ve come, what you’ve understood. My apologies will be sincere. “

She said she hopes her career isn’t over and feels she has the right to keep playing.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on May 3, 2021.




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