“A Shame for France” – Telegraph Readers on This Week’s Biggest Stories – fr

“A Shame for France” – Telegraph Readers on This Week’s Biggest Stories – fr

“Work has no idea”

@Christian IAnson:

“Labor has no idea. Placing a retired candidate in a Northern leave seat shows how much they’ve lost touch with.

“The north is not dark. Ownership is often affordable, the countryside plentiful, the food decent, and people have less debt than elsewhere. Therefore, they have aspirations. Work does not respond to this aspiration. Instead, it focuses on Palestine and trans rights.

“Bob in Castleford wants to know how you are going to improve his life and that of his family, not if Hamas is being mistreated. “

“The Conservatives may be the least bad option”

@Simon Clement:

“Leftists cannot engage in debate. If you don’t agree with them, they insult you.

“A lot of reasonable people are finally realizing that control freak villains aren’t really a club you want to be associated with.

“The Tories may be the least bad option, but when you take Corbyn and then Keir Starmer as your potential boss, a crash test dummy is the least worst option. “

“Labor is moving away from their traditional supporters”

@Russell David:

Dominic Sandbrook rightly argues that Labor has been moving away from their traditional supporters for many years: in 1968 millions of Labor voters agreed with what Enoch Powell was saying.

“The gap has widened considerably since then, which of course is what Johnson is exploiting. The problem is that we end up with a semi-socialist Conservative Party. Yes, that means the Tories will stay in power, which is obviously better than die-hard socialists destroying growth, but how important does it matter when all the institutions – from the BBC to the National Trust by the way by companies, museums and so on – are far left? “

Gary Neville vs Graeme Souness was a compelling TV – the Scotsman completely misread the play due to the protests

Protests by Manchester United supporters against club owners led to the postponement of the game against Liverpool at Old Trafford. Sky Sports pundits Graeme Souness and Gary Neville disagreed on the matter, with Souness defending the Glazers’ ownership of the club. Telegraph readers held differing opinions.

‘Souness was correct’

@Paul Taylor:

“Souness was right. Protesters are far more concerned that United are falling behind City than they are that Norwich may not be able to continue bouncing between the top two divisions if the Super League continues.

“Neville and his teammates surprisingly live in a bygone era when local businessmen funded their club for a hobby and ego trip. “

“This demonstration has gone too far in my opinion”

@ Mark Hawkins:

“Many fans from many clubs have protested against the Super League. This demonstration has gone too far in my opinion. But for Souness to say the protests are due to the fact that they haven’t won a title since 2013 is a personal dig among United fans. , due to the long-standing rivalry with Liverpool.

“I think Mr. Souness needs to grow up and stop the juvenile insults. “

“Everything is big business”

@Andrew Train:

“Billionaire owners have to pay for multi-millionaire football players – when is the focus on agents and players?

“Until this is sorted out, there is no conceivable way of returning the clubs to the supporters. This is all a big deal. “

The Today program is starting to look like a Monty Python sketch – minus the laughs

Telegraph readers agreed with Charlotte Runcie’s view that the Today program is starting to look like a Monty Python sketch. They argued that it was too negative and unbalanced, while suggesting preferred radio alternatives.

“The basic purpose of the news is missing”

@ AFishNommé Wanda:

“Call me the old fashioned way if you want, but I listen to the news to find out what’s going on in the world. I then like to form my own opinion on the basis of what I have heard. The BBC though, especially the Today show, give me their opinions and try to tell me what to think, that ignores the basic purpose of the news.

“As a result – I don’t listen to it anymore, although I have listened to it for decades. LBC and Times Radio are great alternatives. The result will be the death of the BBC when it is reproduced by all of its viewers and listeners – they do not seem to have realized this, however. “

“I’ve had enough of biased questions”

@Margaret Robinson:

“The Today program was a wake-up call for my husband and I, but we haven’t listened to it for a few years now.

“Personally, I was fed up with biased questioning, unbalanced interviews and constant interruptions. What is the point of not having interviewees giving opposing opinions, of allowing listeners to form their own opinion? Or ask structured questions to get the interviewer to criticize. Or ask a question at all and not allow the answer to be given? “

“I can’t wait to see the launch of GB News. Don’t let us down, Andrew! “

“Who wants to start the day with such negativity”

@Susan Kennedy:

“Listen to these ‘news’ shows very rarely these days. Everything is negative and loaded with misfortune. Today is particularly bad. Who wants to start the day with such negativity.

“How many times are there stories about how the vaccine rollout goes or how rare are those who catch and die from Covid? As soon as the pandemic in that country started to turn positive, it was no longer worth talking about. So no thanks, I’ll find my news elsewhere. “

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