A robot dog helps engineers and researchers in France – fr

A robot dog helps engineers and researchers in France – fr

Quentin Helaine, research engineer, reads the results of a 3D metrological scanner carried out by the robot-dog.

Scar can also enter and inspect areas that are difficult to reach or that could expose humans to radiation hazards.

“We are now interested in developing artificial intelligence so that it can be deployed for monitoring deep geological repositories,” said Guillaume Hermand, engineer at the French nuclear waste management agency ANDRA. “Our underground laboratory is a unique and exceptional playground,” he said.

University students will work on advanced AI applications for Scar that will be tested in the lab. One possibility is to have him perform regular data entry surveys of the same room or the same road, which could give an early warning to laboratory operators of tiny geological changes at the site.

It could also be deployed quickly in the event of accidents where larger equipment would not be practical. “We are in the early stages of a change in the way we work and organize tasks with the digital shift in industry,” said François Rousseau, director of the Ecole des Mines.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is an agile machine that can navigate the terrain with unprecedented mobility, according to its official website. It is not only easy to control, but can carry up to 14 kg of inspection equipment. The robot also uses perception technology to map the terrain and avoid obstacles when they appear.

Spot was also part of a video that went viral on social media earlier this year. The clip showed four Boston Dynamics robots dancing to the 1962 hit “Do You Love Me?” By The Contours.

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