A rare bad night in the pen, the Jays lose – fr

A rare bad night in the pen, the Jays lose – fr

Phillies 5 Blue Jays 1

One of those nights. They said each team wins 50 and loses 50, and it’s the other 62 that count. Well, that was one of the 50 losses.

Everything was fine until the beginning of the seventh.

Trent Thronton walked first batter, then got two strikeouts. But another walk and Bryce Harper, hitting left, caused Charlie to put Tim Mayza on. The good thing, Harper has a hard time hitting lefties.

But Mayza was just absent against Harper and accompanied him, charging the bases. There was only one of the four balls that was a really bad pitch, but he didn’t get the calls right off home plate, and Harper didn’t chase. Loaded databases. Another march to JT Realmuto equalized the game, then a brace from Rhys Hoskins saw the Phillies win by two.

In comes Jeremy Beasley, his first action with the Jays. He dropped a ball against the wall that Teoscar Hernandez probably should have caught, and three more points score. A strikeout would end the set, but we were then lost 5-1.

Our enclosure has been so good we can excuse a bad night. I suppose.

Before that? Steven Matz was just great. Five innings, 4 hits, 3 marches and 9 strikeouts without runs. Without an unlucky third inning (he said, searching for a better word) he would have gone further in the game. But, with two outs and a full count on Andrew McCutchen, Matz threw a pitch down the area to which McCutchen rocked. But… the plate umpire didn’t call it a strike, and the first base umpire didn’t call it a swing. It was easily a swing. So the round continues.

Matz was not happy and was less happy when Jean Segura doubled up. And then Harper walked (again, ball four was high in the area but it was a strike). Luckily Realmuto failed, or maybe Matz has all Kevin Gregg on the ref.

Offensively we had a lot of balls hit hard, but they all seemed to find a glove.

We had 9 balls hit over 100 mph, and 2 of them were hits, both singles, and one was a mistake.

Our run came on a Vladimir Guerrero home run, hit the other way (and just 94.3 MLB). Glad to see him make good contact.

We only had 4 hits a night. Vlad, Grichuck and Gurriel had 2 (Lourdes hit the ball hard every time, I think he changes things).

Of note, we had 2 guys doubled second. At the start of the game Biggio was second, Rowdy had a center line that I thought it was going to be a shot, Buck had called a shot but was caught. Statcast had an expected batting average of 0.800. Biggio has moved too far from the bag. And in the eight, with Bichette in the first row, Teoscar put one in the glove of the second baseman. Bo was just a little too far from second (play was challenged, and I’m still not sure who hit second first. But then down to 4, you should really make sure before taking off from a base. This one had an expected .580 batting average.

Jays of the day: Matz (.285) and Vlad (.187).

Suckage: Mayza (-.589), Tellez (-.162, 0 for 4) and Teoscar (-.163). The last two were rung for double games.

Tomorrow we have another start time at 7:30 am.

We had 781 comments in the GameThread. I have led us to a bitter and bitter defeat.


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