A lost village that inspired the Netflix series “emerges” from the Italian lake – fr

A lost village that inspired the Netflix series “emerges” from the Italian lake – fr

The remains of an Italian village that spent decades submerged under a lake have finally been revealed amid repair work, residents say.
Lake Resia, which engulfed the village of Curon in 1950, was temporarily drained to allow maintenance work on a reservoir.

Photos of the exposed steps, caves and walls usually hidden at the bottom of the lake in South Tyrol, near the Italian border with Austria and Switzerland, were shared on social media.

Luisa Azzolini, who took the Photos, wrote: “The remains of the ancient village of Curon have resurfaced! A strange feeling of walking on the rubble of houses.

  Les vestiges de Curon sous le lac Resia </p>
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The remains of Curon under Lake Resia


Normally all that can be seen to mark Curon’s location is a 14th century church spire emerging from the water. The bizarre scene is popular with tourists and inspired Netflix’s supernatural drama Curon.

The village was submerged about 70 years ago when authorities flooded it to create a hydroelectric power station, over the objections of hundreds of Curon residents.

Some of the inhabitants of the 160 flooded houses decided to stay in the area in a new village created nearby, but others were moved.

The ancient village had been underwater ever since, until its eroded foundations were finally revealed.


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