97% of COVID-19 cases in King County involve unvaccinated people –

97% of COVID-19 cases in King County involve unvaccinated people – fr

Julius Irvin, a student athlete on the football team, receives a COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination clinic on the University of Washington campus on May 18, 2021 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by David Ryder / Getty Images)

In King County, COVID-19 cases and associated hospitalizations have declined, thanks to an increase in vaccinations.

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Dr Jeff Duchin, health manager at Public Health – Seattle & King County, reports that there have been 155 new cases of COVID-19 per day on average over the past week for the county, which is on average. 64% decrease from recent peak. King County, he says, is now at a similar level of transmission to before the recent fourth wave, but about double the level at the end of September 2020 before the big fall and winter peak.

Another good news is that incidence rates in all age groups are declining. As in recent weeks, rates remain highest among young people.

“Right now our epidemic is being felt mostly by the unvaccinated,” Duchin said. “About half a million people aged 12 and over are still unvaccinated, and 97% or more of current cases are unvaccinated. This means that if you are not vaccinated, your risk of COVID-19 is actually higher right now than it was on the last Memorial Day. “

“And while I wouldn’t expect to see a summer wave similar to the one we saw last year, unvaccinated people are at significant risk and should continue to take precautions, including limiting indoor activities with other unvaccinated people, walking away and wearing masks indoors when they are around others, ”he added. “This is especially important on this Memorial Day when people can come together. “

“The outside is great. Inside, think about precautions, ”Duchin noted.

Since there will always be a number of unvaccinated people, including those who refuse to be vaccinated as well as those who do not respond to vaccines due to immune or medical issues, Duchin stressed the importance of focusing on indoor air quality. improvements. He also noted that no vaccine provides 100% protection.

“Thanks to the vaccination, we are in a much better place now as summer approaches, as we had hoped, and I am optimistic that the burden of COVID-19 will continue to decrease over the next few months at as more and more vaccines are vaccinated, ”he said.

In King County, 75% of residents 16 and older have received a dose and 63% are fully immunized.

If you haven’t yet been vaccinated against COVID-19, Duchin says Memorial Day weekend is a great time to get vaccinated as several sites will be open. Plus, if you have more free time from work, it means more time to recover from symptoms. There is no cost for the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of immigration or health insurance status.

“If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, getting your first injection this weekend will mean a safer summer for you, your loved ones and your community,” said Duchin.

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Find a full list of COVID-19 vaccination sites – including Auburn Outlet Collection and Kent ShoWare Center, both of which will be open this weekend – and learn more about online vaccination in King County here.


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