7 patients died from COVID in latest outbreak at North Van’s Lions Gate hospital –

7 patients died from COVID in latest outbreak at North Van’s Lions Gate hospital – fr

A total of 36 people, including 5 staff, were eventually infected while in hospital. The epidemic is now declared over

Last month’s COVID-19 outbreak at Lions Gate Hospital came at a steep price.

Seven patients who contracted the virus during the recent hospital outbreak have died from COVID, Vancouver Coastal Health has confirmed.

In a press release, the health authority expressed its “sincere condolences” to “families, friends and relatives affected by the COVID-19 epidemic at LGH”.

A total of 28 patients have died from COVID-19 acquired at Lions Gate Hospital in three separate hospital outbreaks since the pandemic began last spring.

The latest COVID-19 outbreak at Lions Gate Hospital was officially declared over Thursday, a month after it began.

Restrictions associated with the outbreak, which affected two departments on the hospital’s fourth floor, were lifted on May 27, according to the Vancouver Coastal Health website. The departments concerned are now reopened for admissions and transfers.

The COVID outbreak at Lions Gate Hospital began on April 28 with 16 patients and a staff member identified as positive for the virus, some of them by asymptomatic tests in the ward after the virus was first detected.

The number of people infected with COVID while in hospital eventually rose to 36, including five hospital staff.

The COVID outbreak was the third to strike Lions Gate since the start of the pandemic, and coincided with a time when hospital beds, including intensive care beds, were under intense pressure from ‘a high number of COVID patients who became ill with the virus in the spring. “Third wave” of the pandemic.

VCH gave no indication as to whether any of the people who contracted the virus in the hospital, including staff, had ever received doses of the vaccine. Most hospital staff received the first doses of the vaccine in late December and early January, although there have been cases of people in British Columbia who became ill with the virus even after the vaccination.

After the outbreak was first identified, affected services were closed to further admissions and transfers, and all non-essential visits were suspended.

In the previous COVID outbreak at Lions Gate Hospital in November, 12 people died out of 59 cases linked to the outbreak, including 31 patients and 28 staff. This epidemic was declared on December 24.

A previous outbreak of COVID-19 on the sixth and seventh floors of the hospital in April and May last year saw confirmed cases in 16 patients and 12 staff, resulting in nine deaths, all among patients .


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