6 winners and 5 losers of the 2021 Spanish GP – Who had a great day in Barcelona? – fr

6 winners and 5 losers of the 2021 Spanish GP – Who had a great day in Barcelona? – fr

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen continued their intense title fight in Spain, the former chasing rivals Red Bull on cooler tires to claim a third victory in four races. But it wasn’t just the head-on battle that kept us entertained. We selected six winners and five losers from Sunday’s race…

Winner: Lewis Hamilton

It was midnight Friday in Spain, and while many would have naturally slept, Lewis Hamilton was exchanging emails with his engineer Pete Bonnington trying to find performances, having only left the track a few hours before.

Hamilton spares no effort, despite his immense experience, in his quest for a record eighth world title. The next day, he took a remarkable 100th pole position, turning it into a victory for the 59th time in his illustrious career.

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It was also his fifth consecutive Spanish Grand Prix, tying Ayrton Senna’s record for most consecutive wins at a single venue – Senna has won five consecutive Monaco GPs – and that puts him at 94 points after just four races, making it the best start to a season in his career.

Hamilton celebrates third win of the season in Spain

Perdant: Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen did everything right in what was his 100th Grand Prix for Red Bull and the scene of his first F1 win five years earlier – but ultimately he lacked the pace to win.

The Dutchman can be happy to have led 54 of the 66 laps, thus ending the streak of consecutive laps led by Hamilton in Spain since the middle of the 2018 race, and leading Red Bull’s 4,000th lap as a constructor.

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It continues to be his best start to an F1 season – but he leaves Spain with a bigger gap to Hamilton (14 points) and heads to Monaco who need to find a way to keep their challenge at bay. title on track.

Verstappen follows the championship – and must return to victory

Winner: Charles Leclerc

It’s the best Charles Leclerc has ever driven. The Monegasque revels in having a machine that not only feels silky on the track, but has the pace to constantly compete for strengths.

Right now he’s getting everything out of the car – and more. The fourth equalizes his best result of the season and continues his streak in the top six in every race this year.

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This places him fifth in the driver standings and heats up an intriguing battle with Lando Norris, who also scored in all four races and is just one point ahead in fourth.

Leclerc kept Bottas behind for the first stint – and came home an impressive fourth

Perdants: Red Bull

Red Bull will have headed for Spain believing they have the pace to win this Grand Prix and regain the momentum in their favor in the fight for the championship.

But instead, they left Mercedes even further behind in the constructors’ championship – 29 points – and are suffering the pain of leading almost the entire Grand Prix before losing the victory due to inferior strategy.

The reality is that they could hardly have done anything else based on the cards they had. But they would have given themselves a better chance if they had had an extra set of midrange – rather than soft – like Mercedes, or if Sergio Perez was higher up the pitch to make Mercedes’ decision to beat Hamilton for second. times a much riskier proposition.

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Another double in points ends – but Red Bull must come back to victory
Of course we’re all smarter in hindsight, but this title fight will be won on nice margins and Red Bull has found itself on the wrong side of those again.

Winner: Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo needed a stronger weekend after a turbulent start to life at McLaren, and Spain offered the first real hope that the worst was now behind him.

The Australian beat teammate McLaren Norris for the first time, tied his best result of the season with a sixth place finish and scored in Spain for the first time since leaving Red Bull at the end of 2018.

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And if that wasn’t enough, he also extended his goal streak to 15 Grands Prix, two short of his career best set in 2016.

Ricciardo comfortably had his best performance since joining McLaren in Spain

Loser: Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso was in a good mood as he made two Alpines in the top 10 of qualifying, but a “very optimistic” strategy – his words, not ours – made him fall like a sack of potatoes from ninth to 17th place in the last laps.

This means he has now only scored in half of the races he has competed in since returning to F1 – and has yet to finish ahead of checkered flag teammate Esteban Ocon.

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Winner: Esteban Ocon

It’s kind of Esteban Ocon’s form right now, the Frenchman’s ninth place was his sixth place in points in seven Grands Prix.

As mentioned before, he’s yet to be beaten by teammate Alonso – and has overqualified the two-time world champion in the last three sessions.

Formula 1 World Championship
By the time Alonso pitted for the second time, points were long out of reach for the Spaniard in his home run.
His third consecutive score places him ninth in the drivers’ standings, two points ahead of his compatriot Pierre Gasly.

Perdant: Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda retired (through no fault of his own) for the first time in his F1 career in Spain, making him three races without finishing in the top 10 after scoring points on his Bahrain debut.

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The Japanese rider grew increasingly frustrated on team radio and was unable to replicate this strong performance in his opening weekend. In qualifying, he has now been eliminated from Q1 twice in four attempts.

2021 Spanish Grand Prix: Tsunoda retires after engine failure

Winner: Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz was disappointed with his seventh place, believing he could have finished at least fifth behind teammate Leclerc, but it was his third point in four races nonetheless to regain momentum after failing to score in Portugal.

He also maintained his 100% points record in his seven home Grands Prix and really keeps it in the mix to fight for the ‘best of the rest’ title once again this season.

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Losers: Aston Martin

This race was moderately better for Aston Martin, as they won two cars at home 11th and 13th, compared to 13th and 14th in Portugal, but it was a second race in a row without scoring – and that still leaves them on unique figures among manufacturers. ‘championship.

They can hope Vettel appears to be a bit more comfortable with the car, having received the upgrade package in Spain – a race later than his teammate – when Stroll was only five seconds behind. one point, but after finishing fourth and fifth at the same track last year, they expect a lot better.

Stroll had an entertaining fight with Alonso but ultimately found himself out of points

Winner: The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has a reputation for processional races – but this year’s event was anything but.

There were tensions throughout as it was unclear whether it would be Hamilton or Verstappen who would take the win, as there were some big battles on the field, including a six-car battle for the final two points.

And it was nice to see the fans back in the stands on Sunday – even though the number was limited to 1,000.

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